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Officially-sanctioned, Nantan-endorsed, non-Russian-doped, F3Nation-approved 2nd F

Guys, I have about 6.5 minutes to write this, so I'm going bullet-point, rapid-fire style.  What follows is the general direction the flow of (great) conversation went during the Official NW Cary 2ndF (TM), I think you'll see a definite trend.  Given the sophomoric nature of the mumblechatter at Flying Circus this morning (looking at … Continue reading

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The Tortoise at the Bond

When: Oct 18th, 2017 QIC: Earhart The PAX: Disco Duck, Captain Kirk, Bocephus, Ascot, Term Pappy, Napster, WWW, Spartan, Texas Ranger, Crimson, Sooey, YHC Earhart A special occasion such as the breaking bread ceremony gave us an opportunity to converge the Wednesday workouts together at Bond Park.  A few hundred PAX (OK I exaggerate)  gathered … Continue reading