A Tortoise Leads the Hares

It's 05:20 and I'm pulling into Regency Park wondering what have I gotten myself into?  I'm a tortoise, I'm a clydesdale, I got no business posting at Kryptonite, much less Q'ing.  Is this going to be a huge success, like the Titanic movie?  Or a huge disaster, like the Titanic boat?  Let's find out. Warm-Up … Continue reading


Rochambeau or Roshambo?

Hannibal, the leader of the A-Team, had his famous catch phrase, "I love it when a plan comes together."  Here's the thing when you're the QIC of A-Team:  you have to have a Plan A and a Plan B.  The Q's fate is held with Cheddar Bo.  And like Cousin Eddie, Cheddar Bo shows up … Continue reading


12 Days of Burpees

Warm-Up (read more about the real warm-up at the bottom) Hello Kitty leads the men down to the lower parking lot for Side Santa Hops, Cranberry Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Sir Fazio, Quick Feet and Curb Erkins. The Thang YHC takes over and leads the men through the Disco Kitty version of 12 Days of Christmas.  … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

Tiny Black pellets forever

Atmosphere:  Damp and 40 degrees I noticed the gate open on the lacrosse field, so I immediately thought about revising my initial baseball field sprints, which could be sloppy (I know how you kids like it EXTRA schloppy).  Long story short, the field turf is like a sponge and we enjoyed sitting in the soak … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary, F3

40 Year-Old Virgin Q

June 2nd, 2017, YHC is having an early afternoon HH (I know you’re all shocked!) with a few old friends, when one of them says “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow morning?”. Of course, I was planning to do what I always do on Saturday mornings, sleep! This Saturday would be different. I woke up … Continue reading

Flirtin' With Disaster, Uncategorized

12 Days of Christmas Already?

Got to the park with 15 mins. to go and already had a couple people there. I chatted with Yoga Mat but headed off to see how far my warm up lap was.  About 0.6 miles which would work nicely. Warm up Up the hill and around the parking lot to Chanticleer's for Plank hold, … Continue reading

F3, Field of Dreams

Perfect Form Burpee-cides

Apparently, all it takes to log some big numbers at an AO is to throw a gauntlet down on GroupMe...or the Twitters.  But since I don't tweet, or twit, someone must have helped spread the word.  As I mentioned yesterday, one digital F3 communication format already overwhelms me.  So, thanks ABB Kitty, Hi-Liter, Callahan, WKRP, … Continue reading