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10 10 Road of Hard Knocks

When: Oct 20th, 2017 QIC: Free Bird The PAX: GTL, Sour Mash, Ascot, Hot Spot, Malpractice, Kabota, Grease Monkey, Khakis, Monkey Nut, Bogo, Snots, Franklin, Blue print, Nature Boy, Red Ryder, PBX,Wilbur, Old Maid, Free bird When I posted the twitter pre blast warning of "devastation", I thought it would just be another Twitter scare … Continue reading

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BOMBS around a Campfire

Ever since it's gotten so that it stays dark well past 6:30, I haven't seen many groups venture into the gloom murk pitch blackness that is North Cary Park. To hell with that -  this is @F3DangerZone! So I set up a very cute campfire in the  field to entertain the troops. After making sure everyone … Continue reading

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FIA, Pain Tubes, and Donkey Kicks

This was my second Q at BO and I had regrets from my first.  Namely, Sputnik taking a fall and breaking his wrist.  To my surprise Sputnik was there this morning. Wonder if he know I had the Q.  Anyway, I completed the disclaimer for 3 FNGs and told everyone to not get hurt and … Continue reading

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The Tortoise at the Bond

When: Oct 18th, 2017 QIC: Earhart The PAX: Disco Duck, Captain Kirk, Bocephus, Ascot, Term Pappy, Napster, WWW, Spartan, Texas Ranger, Crimson, Sooey, YHC Earhart A special occasion such as the breaking bread ceremony gave us an opportunity to converge the Wednesday workouts together at Bond Park.  A few hundred PAX (OK I exaggerate)  gathered … Continue reading

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How quickly..

How quickly things change. Last week, Gloom temperatures were in the 70's and humid. This morning the PAX broke out the long sleeves and sweatshirts (some of them, anyway) for temps starting with a "4." And that's Freedom degrees, not in some commie temperature. The Tortoises crew had made the journey north in order to … Continue reading

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Autumn Arrives

YHC was excited for my first Q at Flirtin' With Disaster and arrived early to scope things out.  Some plans had to change when I realized how incredibly dark the park is.  And after what seemed like two weeks of sauna like weather it finally starsted to feel like October.  I may have been the … Continue reading

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“It Didn’t Look That Big When We Started”

hill·ock ˈhilək noun a small hill or mound. synonyms: mound, small hill, prominence, elevation, rise, knoll, hummock, hump, dune; bank, ridge, knob; formaleminence "the lovely green hillocks in the distance"   First, credit to Denali for the #twss quote (possibly paraphrased) that became the backblast title.  We wrapped up our workout on the featured hillock near the Salem Pond Park parking lot, but there was … Continue reading