What did you think FNG stood for?

We appreciate you joining us and there is a lot of information to tell you but to avoid overwhelming you here are a few ways to keep in touch and know what’s going on in Carpex.  If you still have questions just ask any of the guys and they’ll help or point you in the right direction!

Mailing List

We’ve set up a mailing list just so we can keep in contact with major things; new workout locations (AOs), social events, and/or volunteer opportunities.  We try to send out a monthly newsletter that covers these items.
So please get added to the list here:  Join our mailing list.


If you haven’t discovered this already, we like to talk a lot.  The 2nd F is strong in this group (Fellowship!).  Hopefully this creates a welcoming environment for new guys like yourself.  Don’t be intimidated to just jump right in to convos.
For your daily dish of mumblechatter we turn to Slack:  Join our Slack group.
Here are some tips and rules for Slack.  You don’t want to get our Comz guy angry…


We pretty much only hang out on Twitter in regards to the social spheres.  You’ll want to follow @F3Carpex to keep up.  From there see who Carpex is following and that will give you a headstart on other guys to follow.
Go follow @F3Carpex right now!

Pro Tip:  Once you find the Pax on Twitter you’ll learn their hospital name and can start Facebook stalking friending guys on there as well!


Get all of your workout schedules, backblasts, calendar events, Q sheets, etc on here!  (You’re already here so I don’t need to give you the link do I??)
f3carpex.com/calendar  –  Google calendar of events
f3carpex.com/q  –  When you’re ready to ring that #2ndbell  [Q School Overview]
f3carpex.com/pax  –  If you ever need to find a dude’s email or anything (the password rhymes with Fartex)


And there you have it!

Probably too much information at one time.

Oh well.  I tried.  ~ Comz