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Scotts are invading

Both original plans were thrown out the window with news from Beaker that the Bridge to nowhere was not easily accessed, and the underpass was over a mile away.  One day we will journey outside the friendly confines. Go Time 0530 Warm Up Short mozy to warm up   SSH x25IC, Merkins x20-OMD, Imperial Walkers, … Continue reading


Octonauts to the Octopod

There's valentines day, and then there's the day after valentines day.  Well, that was today.  10 HIM's gathered in a very pleasant 50+ degree gloom at the finest AO in Northwest Cary on a Thursday morning, and were looking forward to a workout that unbeknownst to them was borne out of a children's TV show … Continue reading


Flying BLIMPS, Double Dora

First off, I just want to thank Half for getting a wicked sty so I could quickly snag a last second Q! You're the man! (get well soon) Secondly, I want to thank Goose and Sky Blue for welcoming YHC with open arms this morning. Their hospitality is unbeaten. It really, truly is the greatest … Continue reading

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Royals, Marriage, Treason, Beheading and car crime…just a regular workout at FLYING CIRCUS

9 of Carpex’s elite graced the finest AO in Northwest Cary on a Thursday morning, eager to continue their pursuit of excellence and learn a bit too (or taboot). Warm Up:  After a short mosey to the middle school main entrance, we circled up for: 15 Good Mornings 33 SSH’s 15 Cotton Pickers 36 Mountain … Continue reading


Your mother was a hamster…

..and your father smelt of elderberries! Practice makes...better. So four days into this Q-stravaganza and YHC is still hanging on.  Uncharted territory folks.  Fortunately (for me) this came during Q swap week, so attendance has been maybe a little bit down in these other AOs compared to what it could be.  (Read: less cats to … Continue reading

F3, Fitness, Flying-Circus


Pre-BB We first learned about Festivus (for the rest of us) in Season 9, Episode 10 of Seinfeld. After raining down blows upon a poor, defenseless Christmas shopper, George Castanza's father began a tradition that still impacts us Flying Circus. Original footage: BB 8 HIM’s aired their grievances and performed feats of STRENGTH (and … Continue reading

F3, Fitness, Flying-Circus

FC….Flying-Circus, or, Freezin’ Cold?

This morning it was cold. No two ways about it – most definitely "brass-monkey weather" [Northern English colloquialism….Google it!]. We don’t worry too much about such minor discomforts at Flying Circus, so 11 of the strongest, bravest Unicorns ever found (in Northwest Cary on a Thursday morning) showed up raring to go at the premier AO … Continue reading


Lets celebrate C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

12-21-2017 12 pax Banjo, Biner, Gomer, Goose, Hi-liter, Kilmer, Ma Bell, Napster, Parker, Sky Blue, Sooey, Tubeless, Pax asked to share F3 names for those that have not yet met one another. No FNGs. We're off to the bottom of "Miss Hill" with stop on the way to warm-up: SSH, IW, Sir Fabio arm circles, … Continue reading


Flying V Meets Flying Circus

Warm-Up Mosey around the pickle and circle up for side straddle hops, imperial walkers, cotton pickers and Sir Fazio. The Thang Mosey over to the bleachers next to the track and partner up for Dora 1-2-3.  100 derkins, 200 dips and 300 squats while your partner runs to the fence and back, then flap jack. … Continue reading