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Field of Dreams

Happy Birthday Swim Goose

Yep, the long 49 year is over and I'm bludgeoning my way into Respect territory (none collected, but hope to earn some over time!) 16 PAX assembled in the unfathomably humid but not so gloom...since TOC thoughtfully lit the baseball field for YHC's birthday! (Proper) Warm-Up Lap around the parking lot, 50 SSH, 10 Windmill, … Continue reading

F3, Field of Dreams

Cool Runnings at FOD

Despite several ominous warnings on the GroupMe, 17 PAX arrived at FOD in the cool crisp air for Day1 of a Back-to-Back Beaker Beatdown (BBBB, B Quartic, B4 - I'm just dropping a TM on any variant of 4 Bs).  Franklin and Airbag had to be coaxed out of the warm and cozy Wolfpack Red … Continue reading

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Three Hundo (Merkins)

BB 18 HIM arrived at the Field of Dreams to live out a nightmare...three hundred merkins PLUS... Welcome FNG, Squid. The Warmup - Pledge of Allegiance at the Shovel Flag - Mixed run to the top of the hill parking lot, paint the lines. - Standard Merkins 40OMD - Happy Jacks 5 setsIC - Standard … Continue reading

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The Death Parking Lots

9/5/2017 This was a co-Q with Free bird and Nature Boy today at FOD. Driving into the Q it was apparent we were really close to a full moon, so hopes were high.  Upon further review, it was only 99% full on a waxing gibbous.  (Full moon on September 6th)  I don't pretend to know … Continue reading

Field of Dreams

Play Like A Champion Today

When: 8/29/2017 QIC: Pet Sounds The PAX: Bagger, Biner, Crimson, Franklin, GTL, Hello Kitty, Katniss, Nature Boy, PBX, Shut-in, Sooey, Side Saddle(FNG), Sour Mash, Napster, Parker, Snots, Sooner, Water Wings, Goose, Bogo, PetSounds With the previous day’s Burt-al beatdown and EC YHC was in no shape to run… Fragile status lately with a string of injuries. … Continue reading

Field of Dreams

Eclipse Phenomena

30 stallions rolled up to Field of Dreams all abuzz about the event of the century yesterday. Of course, I'm referring to the eclipse which evoked all kinds of emotions in humans and weird behavior in animals. What weird things would it cause at FoD? 0545: Pleasantries over. Listen up! Warm-up First exercise is the … Continue reading

Field of Dreams

Raindrops keep falling on my head

YHC planned for some music to enhance the enjoyment of the beatdown and thankfully the theme from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was not on the playlist. Since the speaker and phone were already set up on the field, a little/lotta rain wasn't going to change my plan. No FNGs, but lots of new … Continue reading

Field of Dreams, Virgin Q

Day Dreaming

YHC is glad to be part of VQ week! Thanks to all the PAX that participated in FOD today. I now have a better appreciation for how much the Q has to juggle, not the least of which is catching one's breathe while talking and exercising. Note to self: consider making the workout easier next time... … Continue reading