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The Nautilus – Writ Large

When YHC's alarm roused YHC from YHC's dream about a land where Burpees are always in perfect form and L-R counts as 2 lunges, YHC said to YHC, "YHC, it's a great day for YHC to have the Q at YHC's favorite AO at a USA Baseball Complex directly adjacent to a toll Interstate that … Continue reading

Field of Dreams, Fitness

Hill of Dreams

11 gathered at FOD this morning, 9 were anxiously wondering who was the Q. Franklin and YHC were the only in the know. With discussion of a Beaker, Hi-Liter and YHC tri- Q, it was not to be. Already planned more than we would get to. Let's go!!! Warm-up. Jog around the parking lot and … Continue reading

Field of Dreams

Infinity and Beyond

Happy to be back heading up #TeamFOD this morning.  13 more pax decided to as well.  Looked like 5 enjoyed a new signature EC run in as well.  We aren't all blessed to have AOs within running distance to our houses, people. (At least you don't do like some pax, whom shall remain nameless, and … Continue reading

Field of Dreams

Snitches Get Stiches

When: January 30, 2018 AO: FOD QIC: Biner Arrived at FOD Tuesday morning to see the Cary police questioning several PAX. Nantan arrived and handled the situation. Read the rest of the story on the carpex-news channel. Warm Up One lap around the parking lot and across the road to the soccer field parking lot. … Continue reading

Field of Dreams

ICEing on the cake

Day 2 of YHC's b-day Q-stravaganza...36F at 0511 in greater Apex...woo hoo, a day above freezing! Or not. Commute across the border to Brooks Park, and what's this, but leftover SN/ICE all over the place.  Flashback to yesterday's Kryptonite.  ENOUGH with the snow already!  36 at my house, 31 at the AO, meant a nice … Continue reading

Field of Dreams

After Christmas Recovery

A group of 13 HIMs arrived at FOD for some after Christmas recovery. Crimson and YHC decided that by signing up to Q the day after Christmas was the best way to ensure we’d be up early. We had expected 8 HIMs at most but we’re presently surprised by a strong showing! At 5:45 plus … Continue reading

F3, Field of Dreams, Fitness

Nolan and Tammy Sitting in a Tree…

Pre-BB #FODForLife...amirite, Franklin? BB 15 major leaguers hit home runs at FOD on a balmy December morning just six days from Christmas. Welcome FNG, Sir Walter. The Warmup - Disclaimer, welcome FNG - Pledge of Allegiance at the Flag (which is located where it always is) - Mixed run to the top of the park … Continue reading

F3, Field of Dreams

Perfect Form Burpee-cides

Apparently, all it takes to log some big numbers at an AO is to throw a gauntlet down on GroupMe...or the Twitters.  But since I don't tweet, or twit, someone must have helped spread the word.  As I mentioned yesterday, one digital F3 communication format already overwhelms me.  So, thanks ABB Kitty, Hi-Liter, Callahan, WKRP, … Continue reading