Danger Zone

Some Things Never Change

Prologue:  extensive interviews took place with several OGs of Carpex to obtain information for the following epic story of Danger Zone. The history of the Danger Zone, the original Area of Operation in Carpex, runs deeeeeep.  As fate, or faith, would have it…..the location for the greatest AO in the U.S.A was obvious.  [There were … Continue reading

Flirtin' With Disaster, Uncategorized

First Anniversary and Bacon! 2/20

Is they a direct relationship on how long you put off writing a back blast and how good it is?  For me, the longer I put it off the shorter it becomes. Probably a matter of opinion if that make it better or not. 1 FNG - Disclaimer by Joe Smith. Nicely done for a … Continue reading

Dante's Peak


Great temps, 14 PAX, no lights, no FNGs but still give the disclaimer and we are off Warm up mozy SSH x20 IW x15 GM x10 Fazio routine Merkins, Plankjacks, MC x 15 Thang Catch me if you can with HR merkins to parking lot entrance Lindsays (aka 40s) on the hill with merkins at … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

40 mins of Welcome to Hunter Street Skate Park

Date: 2/22/2018 Location: Bounty Hunters QIC: Parker PAX: 13 13 Pax gathered in the 63 deg downright balmy gloom on a late Feb morning for a promised reintroduction to the wonder that is Hunter Street Skate Park.  Since GTL and YHC took over site Q duties at BH a couple weeks ago YHC feels obligated … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

Back Blast[oise]

I knew I wanted to do it at some point. 8 calendar days into the Q game seemed pretty early to break it out, but @F3CaryBO forced my hand. And as I started to piece together the workout options... there are too many ideas to be contained in 45 minutes, so consider this round one. … Continue reading

Fitness, Flying-Circus

Scotts are invading

Both original plans were thrown out the window with news from Beaker that the Bridge to nowhere was not easily accessed, and the underpass was over a mile away.  One day we will journey outside the friendly confines. Go Time 0530 Warm Up Short mozy to warm up   SSH x25IC, Merkins x20-OMD, Imperial Walkers, … Continue reading

Rolling Stone, Shakin Not Stirred, Vesper

A #2 in the Woods is NOT a Double Down!

Nice morning.   63 degrees.   Overcast.   15 for insomnia pre-run.   Pet Sounds does the Duece in the woods adjacent to parking lot between EC and SNS.  All of the ingredients were present.    32 dudes showed up and split into 3 groups.   14 for Boot Camp, 14 for Vespers (further split … Continue reading

Rolling Stone

14-199 Ruck WoD 2/21/18

Four swarthy gents posted for this week's Rolling Stone hosted at SnS. YHC saw a recommended workout posted this weekend in honor of Jerome Gonzales, a GRT and Pathfinder who died this past weekend during an event. It sounded like a good time: http://www.teamspearhead.com/2018/02/17/jerome-gonzalez-14-199-pathfinder/ With that, we grabbed an extra ruck along with 40# and … Continue reading

F3, Field of Dreams, Fitness

The Nautilus – Writ Large

When YHC's alarm roused YHC from YHC's dream about a land where Burpees are always in perfect form and L-R counts as 2 lunges, YHC said to YHC, "YHC, it's a great day for YHC to have the Q at YHC's favorite AO at a USA Baseball Complex directly adjacent to a toll Interstate that … Continue reading