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Off Campus Work

A muggy Friday at the original Cary (before CarPex) AO.  It was 77 with nearly 100% humidity.   Site Q Large planted the flag and the men began to gather.   Welcome Big Bird (my boy), Puck and Viking from 20 somethings from the ITB and as well as Kotter Billy.   Great to have … Continue reading

Dante's Peak

Rude Awakening

I was awoken by the 2.1 at 4:38am and after a quick diaper change I decided to look up who had the Q of Dante's Peak this morning.  Boy was I surprised to see that YHC had signed up (likely during another sleepless night).  Time to rise to the occasion and make somebody sweat.  27 pax arrived for an early … Continue reading

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Brotherhood of the Traveling Rocks

The plan this morning was to travel around SNS with some rocks.  None of this standing around in a circle stuff.  Get that heart rate up! Warm Up SSH x 20 Merkins x 15 Good Mornings x 15 Mountain Climber x 15 Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward and back x 10 each. Burpees x 5 … Continue reading

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Workout date: 08/14/17 QIC: Fluoride On the way to our warm up in front of Koko Booth, somewhere in the chatter I heard that Eddy Money had been playing at Koka Booth the night before. What a blast from the past, did not know he was still out there. I had another concert in mind … Continue reading

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Tortoises Comes To A-Team

The plan this morning was to bring a Tortoises style workout to A-team.  Limited running, unlimited pain.  So we moseyed to the first parking lot at the front of the park and stayed there for the entire workout. Warm Up Little Man Jumping Jacks x 15 Jukebox x 15 (created by and named for my … Continue reading

Danger Zone

Relay Replay

To my delight and amazement and after Large Mouth and I were just talking about him coming back soon, Callahan walked out of the bushes and returned to Danger Zone!   Total Pax of 16 gathered around the flag and with a quick disclaimer we were off.   Warmup  Lap around the pickle and then: … Continue reading

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Mamma Mia!

18 PAX were treated to a fine TTT at BO. Whether they knew it or not, they had gathered to help YHC start off his 43rd year on the big ball the right way. YHC spent some time last night thinking about how to include the maximum amount of suck into 45 minutes, and I … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

Traveling “Jack Webs”

The morning weather is perfect and 13 PAX all gather on time for another beatdown.  No FNGs so we head out and around the skate park and across the street (wait for the cars and then backwards run).  Circle-up behind the building for: Warm Up 10 Good Mornings 15 Side Straddle Hops 10 Cotton Pickers … Continue reading