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Don’t Sandbag Me Bro

Welcome to Day 2 of the Back-to-Back Beaker Beatdown (B4 [TM]).  I want to let you in on a little secret.  I typically sign up to Q with an idea already in mind.  Like, "Wouldn't it be fun to carry five gallons of water around and then hop on a sled pulled by my fellow … Continue reading

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Post BRR, Post 9/11 Stair Climb…just post

After weeks (months?) of run training for BRR, doubling up most mornings (Insomnia + Vesper = CRAZY), several #themaynards, it was nice this morning for a PAX of 9 or so to head off for a coolish Vesper. Insomnia - PBX, Chanticleer, Largemouth, Hermes, Shut-In, Callahan Vesper 4s - Shut-In(run doubledown), Ollie, Term Paper, Goose, … Continue reading

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“It’s Good To Be Alive Today”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjELo3fmS-M Early this morning, before YHC laced up his brand-new sneakers, there was a post on GroupMe from the 'Man'Tan himself, MaBell.  MaBell reminded me of my mom, who always would call/send me a message the morning of someone's birthday/anniversary: "hey sweetie, call ___________, it's their birthday today".  Anyhoo, MaBell declared that today, August 30, … Continue reading

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Get up and Get after it

17 pax posted at SNS and Vesper. And there were umpteen #BackslidingFartsackers SHAKIN NOT STIRRED: Angry Elf, Bartman, Chanticleer, Joe Smith, Mississippi,  Saban, Smokey, SWAG, YHC Banjo VESPER GROUP 2: Denali, Michelob, Old Maid, VESPER GROUP 1: Chinese Downhill, Grease Monkey, Hermes, McCants, Shut-in Insomnia idiots:  Callahan, Term Paper, and one other   It seems … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Sunrise

23 Pax for Shaken Not Stirred,4 Pax for Vesper, 5 Pax for Insomnia Q - Hermes, YHC Insomnia ran about 4.5 miles or so, I really don't know exactly. I have no idea how far Vesper ran, but they did swing by New Hampshire and they were late for COT, I assume they covered at … Continue reading

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Vacation…Paincation, Shooter’s Choice

For the PAX that thought they might squeeze in a leisurely extra workout or two before Memorial Day, there was no leisure to be found.  It's officially swimsuit season and YHC wanted the PAX in their best shape.  If you're wondering if the season has started due to warmer weather or the torrential downpours, yes.  Regardless, … Continue reading