Need to find us outside the hours of 0500-0700?   Look here.

Few things before you sign in:

  1. Need an invite?  Give one of the guys your email address to send you an invite or email comz via the contact page.
  2. Need the Slack App?  Get it from the app store or get the desktop app at
  3. Main #channels:  When you join the F3 Carpex Slack you will default to joining the main #mumblechatter group, plus the 1stf, 2ndf, 3rdf, and carpex-news channels.  Joining anymore channels is up to you.  Click on the (+) next to Channels to see all channels you can join (click the word channels on the desktop app)
  4. Need to add a new channel?  Sure, go for it.  #freedtolead
  5. Notifications:  If you ain’t from ’round here, you may not know we get pretty loud.  Be sure to set your notifications appropriately.  You can set Do Not Disturb times, you can turn off notifications completely (not recommended for carpex-news channel), or you can turn off notifications unless someone says your name.

Keeping it Organized

Here is a quick rundown of the channels and their purposes.  It’s understandable if you think there are too many channels for 50-100 people but we are just a baby region.  We will grow in to this as long as we start it off right.  So please help keep it in order.

  • #mumblechatter:  enter at your own risk.  Pretty much all things under the sun but if there’s a channel where your post is more beneficial please put it there instead.  Things in this chat will get lost pretty quickly throughout the day.
  • #carpex-news:  literally things you would say in COT or want guys to share in COTs.  Not a place for chatter.  If you need to comment make it a sub-thread comment only please.
    Do not post backblasts.  Post those to 1stF channel now.
  • #1stf:  Overall fitness related talk; daily chatter about pax attendance, backblasts, fitness, EC, meetups, road races coming up, news, articles, etc.
  • #2ndf:  Overall fellowship chatter; happy hours, lunches, meet ups, good beers, etc.
  • #3rdf:  Overall faith chatter; refinery, encouragement, 3rd f opportunities, articles/videos to share etc.
  • #AO channels:  There is now a channel set up for each AO.  Site Qs can hype their site, you can post backblasts, you can preblast your q, see who’s qing, get more info on where/when/what that AO is, etc.
  • Other channels:  There are more channels and some you will create yourself.  Feel free to build off of the current list.  If your Channel has a direct tie to one of the 3 Fs our request is to simply title it with that first.  Like home improvement projects.  Make a channel “2ndf-homeimprovement” and make it public.


If you have questions use the Slack help site, not your fellow pax or comz.