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Hello Flacco

  With a week of travel in front of many PAX, Hello Kitty alerted the Carpex region via GroupMe that there were prime Q spots open all week. A true HIM, Flacco stepped up for his VQ with Kitty close in tow to help along the journey. And with that, it was time for a … Continue reading

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More Jets than Chargers… sadly

Going into this VQ, I was hoping to achieve Hall of Fame status but at the very least hit #MinimalCompetence. I thank all the PAX family for putting up with the latter while I work towards the former...  you aim for the Hall of Fame but you sometimes have to go through the Jets to … Continue reading

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It's hard to write the backblast for my VQ without getting somewhat reflective and sentimental, but I'll save that for the NMS at the bottom of the post. First, here's what went down in the Peak City gloom this morning at Tortoises. Earhart and Freebird came cruising in from their usual EC run. Various mumble … Continue reading

Flirtin' With Disaster, Virgin Q


YHC was super pumped up with Q-Drenaline for his VQ. So pumped up that he initially got into the car this AM without his running shoes.  So pumped up that he drew up a 2-sided weinke in 4-point font that was entirely unreadable in the early gloom.  So pumped up that he was nearly made … Continue reading

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Day Dreaming

YHC is glad to be part of VQ week! Thanks to all the PAX that participated in FOD today. I now have a better appreciation for how much the Q has to juggle, not the least of which is catching one's breathe while talking and exercising. Note to self: consider making the workout easier next time... … Continue reading

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Turkish Delight

Pre-BB THANKS and a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the Q's I've posted under since my first all taught me well! Thanks, WaterWings for inviting me out. Grateful for the brotherhood! Thanks for the support today! BB 'Twas Saturday morning and through-out CarPex not a creature was stirring except...Callahan, Old Maid, Hermes (gear), Pierogi … Continue reading

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Lulu’s VQ & 8 months of gloom

Looking back on 8 months of the gloom, since my first post at SNS, I can't imagine life BF3 (before F3). I remember feeling the hook and leaving Bond Park that morning wanting more. Needless to say, F3 and the PAX have since become more than an early morning workout for me.  F3 is brotherhood, … Continue reading