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Veteran’s Day (Observed)

Pre-BB Quick explanation on the theme of today's work-out at Wolverine…I was reminded on Sunday at church how easy it is, one week after a school shooting and one day after Veterans Day, to simply slip back into my routine and go on with life. There are many “Monday mornings” when people in painful places … Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket, The Murph

Merkins, Murph, Burpees.

Is there really more I need to say?  I guess maybe that there were some LBCs and Freddie Mercuries sprinkled in, or that Large Mouth runs like an antelope out of control, or that my co-site Q Shank made the most amazing shovel flag ever (complete with hand-created camouflage), or that same said co-site Q … Continue reading

The Murph

CARPEx Murph 2017

This year marked the second time CARPEx held its own Memorial Day Murph, and its first as an official region. Last year at this time, the CARPEx/CAPEx naming discussion was still heated. If YHC recalled, Term Paper even had a shirt made up with CAPEx on one side and CARPeX on the other. Ah, those … Continue reading