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A #2 in the Woods is NOT a Double Down!

Nice morning.   63 degrees.   Overcast.   15 for insomnia pre-run.   Pet Sounds does the Duece in the woods adjacent to parking lot between EC and SNS.  All of the ingredients were present.    32 dudes showed up and split into 3 groups.   14 for Boot Camp, 14 for Vespers (further split … Continue reading

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The 2nd Most Amazing Workout To Have….. never happened

Yep the weather app stated 11 degrees.  At 6:40 a.m. YHC waited for next door neighbor @f3pierogi to emerge.  Nothing.  Damnation, he fartsacked on his own neighbor.  That's when YHC should have gone into his garage, utilizing Pierogi's obvious garage code "TCUrulz",  to confiscate all his homebrew.  But YHC didn't.  Instead moseyed/slid a couple of blocks … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day (Observed)

Pre-BB Quick explanation on the theme of today's work-out at Wolverine…I was reminded on Sunday at church how easy it is, one week after a school shooting and one day after Veterans Day, to simply slip back into my routine and go on with life. There are many “Monday mornings” when people in painful places … Continue reading

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What’s behind the 6?

Writing a bit of a backblast from some solo work this past week, and some observations along the way. Will spare you the backstory, but needless to say, I'm on the disabled list for a while.  This photo is from lap one or two, "Before the Fall".  Left knee's pretty useless at present.  So it's … Continue reading

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3rd Annual Franklinaversary

On the last Monday in September in 2014, YHC was privileged to be an FNG at an A-Team workout. Today, YHC took the opportunity of his anniversary to repeat his inaugural F3 workout, this time as the Q, just as I did on the last Monday in September 2015 and 2016. Following the first time … Continue reading