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WWW x 3 and Largemouth 2.0’s B-day

Strong showing Wednesday morning for the birth of Largemouth's 3rd child. I guess by your 3rd C-section you can tell your wife, "Hey babe, I'm gonna go for a run with the guys and I'll meet you at the hospital!" We'll see if she'll cool with that with his 4th or 5th child... Insomnia had … Continue reading


The Walk to Bethlehem Ma Bell and Term Paper are challenging the CarPEX PAX to team up for The Walk To Bethlehem. Over the 21 days of Advent, from Dec 3 - 24 track your physical activity. The goal is to accumulate 96 miles (the estimated distance from Nazareth to Bethlehem) in any type of physical activity you … Continue reading

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I am thankful & I am third

In an effort to add a few more Q’s to YHC's list before the end of the year, YHC locked in on Thanksgiving morning at Bradford’s Ordinary a few months ago, only to later find out that it would be a Carpex Convergence... and 60-minutes at that. Have not fear PAX, YHC is up to … Continue reading

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Hello Flacco

  With a week of travel in front of many PAX, Hello Kitty alerted the Carpex region via GroupMe that there were prime Q spots open all week. A true HIM, Flacco stepped up for his VQ with Kitty close in tow to help along the journey. And with that, it was time for a … Continue reading