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A #2 in the Woods is NOT a Double Down!

Nice morning.   63 degrees.   Overcast.   15 for insomnia pre-run.   Pet Sounds does the Duece in the woods adjacent to parking lot between EC and SNS.  All of the ingredients were present.    32 dudes showed up and split into 3 groups.   14 for Boot Camp, 14 for Vespers (further split … Continue reading

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After returning home from the Oak City Recovery Run Club block party on Tuesday night, I sat with the M watching the Bachelor Winter Games (because I suppose that's more entertaining than the quadrennial actual winter games), looking at a map of Bond Park, and perusing the exicon and this fine F3 nation page. It … Continue reading

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1/24/18 – TheMaynard and some clean feet

Well there were about 8 or 9 HC's on the Slack channel for the pre-blasts.  Turns out we had 23 run the 10.7 miles for The Maynard or as our Nantan apparently wants to call it: The May May. We also had 1 legendary servant leader: Shut-in volunteering to wash our feet, I mean serve as … Continue reading

F3 Dads

School makeup day – CARPEx Dad style

After barely one day of schooling since sometime in the fall, the 2.0s came out in force this morning for a makeup day care of Dr. Pierogi. And, as any good substitute teacher, I had a vague idea of a lesson plan in mind. Yup, that's right. This was going to be another classic Pierogi … Continue reading

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Ab-stract:  existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. Fear and Trepidation- Gotta admit it fellas, SNS is like the Holy Grail (okay, wrong AO, that's Flying Circus) of Carpex workouts (sorry DZ) to me.  So much going on here on Wednesday mornings, that over the last 2.5 … Continue reading

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The Darby Project

Date: 01/10/18 QIC: Darby [South Wake] Site: Tortoises PAX: Yogi, Ascot, Theisman, M4L, Banjo, Crimson, Pickles, CK, AirHeart, Dog Pound, Sooey, Disco Duck, WWW, Draper, Spartan, R2D2, Ugga, Cherry Garcia, DeadBolt, Darby For our Wednesday version of the CarPex/Southwake Q-swap, we "limited" our running to Shuttle Sprints and Agility work. We started on cones and ladder drills, … Continue reading