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It’s like 11’s but with harder math

It was a beautiful morning at Sovereign Grace Church.  The pre-beatdown discussion included questions about appropriate attire for the weather.  Shorts or long pants?  T-shirts or long sleeves?  Turns out the conditions were perfect no matter how we dressed.  Let's get after it! Warm-Up Mosey around the front parking lot and circle up for side … Continue reading

Shield Lock, Tortoises

The Darby Project

Date: 01/10/18 QIC: Darby [South Wake] Site: Tortoises PAX: Yogi, Ascot, Theisman, M4L, Banjo, Crimson, Pickles, CK, AirHeart, Dog Pound, Sooey, Disco Duck, WWW, Draper, Spartan, R2D2, Ugga, Cherry Garcia, DeadBolt, Darby For our Wednesday version of the CarPex/Southwake Q-swap, we "limited" our running to Shuttle Sprints and Agility work. We started on cones and ladder drills, … Continue reading

Tortoises, Virgin Q

Back to Back 03 Jan 2018

15 degrees could not keep 13 HIMS from donning their tights for another weight intensive Tortoise workout. After much tutelage by Hermes YHC was prepared and eager to Q my first. With a limited knowledge of the Lexicon and the Exicon the morning ensued with a pledge of allegiance to the United States of America. … Continue reading


Station to Station, 90 feet at a time

Tortoises is supposed to be a "limited run" AO.  So be it.  But have you ever seen a really motivated tortoise move very quickly, for just a short distance. No?  Shut up.  Yes you have.  Tortoises move quickly quickly in small defined spaces.  That is what we do TODAY.  With a little baseball theme.  9 … Continue reading


Mutant Ninja Tortoises

It was an honor to lead 13 Stallions/Clydesdales for a "limited run" workout.  Just one for the Mutant Mile EC, nice jog to BH and back. The Warm Up: Follow me for a fast 25 yard run to circle up in the parking lot for some typical warm up stuff including SSH, GM, Hill Billies, … Continue reading


Get your kicks…

YHC was questionable Tuesday night as a chronically painful achilles tendon was joined by a strained hamstring courtesy of some lunch-time ultimate on Tuesday. To leave my fellow Tortoises without a Q on such short notice just wouldn't do. Luckily, a night of sleeping with a heat wrap on the hammy and a handful of … Continue reading