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Mutant Ninja Tortoises

It was an honor to lead 13 Stallions/Clydesdales for a "limited run" workout.  Just one for the Mutant Mile EC, nice jog to BH and back. The Warm Up: Follow me for a fast 25 yard run to circle up in the parking lot for some typical warm up stuff including SSH, GM, Hill Billies, … Continue reading


Get your kicks…

YHC was questionable Tuesday night as a chronically painful achilles tendon was joined by a strained hamstring courtesy of some lunch-time ultimate on Tuesday. To leave my fellow Tortoises without a Q on such short notice just wouldn't do. Luckily, a night of sleeping with a heat wrap on the hammy and a handful of … Continue reading

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Themopylae: “With it or on it…”

Spartan's VQ. (Disclaimer: This BB was authored solely by Spartan, posted by Texas Ranger who was set to be co-Q but Spartan didn't need me!) 12 PAX showed up for an adventure to overcome 5 grueling days full of upper body and ab related trials. Good mumble chatter and an upbeat mood as all gathered … Continue reading

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The Tortoise at the Bond

When: Oct 18th, 2017 QIC: Earhart The PAX: Disco Duck, Captain Kirk, Bocephus, Ascot, Term Pappy, Napster, WWW, Spartan, Texas Ranger, Crimson, Sooey, YHC Earhart A special occasion such as the breaking bread ceremony gave us an opportunity to converge the Wednesday workouts together at Bond Park.  A few hundred PAX (OK I exaggerate)  gathered … Continue reading


Tryon this Coupon

19 gathered in the soupy gloom. 1 FNG, quick disclaimer followed by practice mozy lap. Warm Up SSH x 15 Hillbillies x 11 GM x 11 MC x 11 Plankjacks x 11 Merkins x 22 Thang Blue and Out pulls in to get us to an even 20 10 penalty burpees Form groups of 4 … Continue reading

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Orbiting Planet Tortoise

Twelve other PAX gathered at Tortoises on a crisp moonlit morning to see what YHC had in store for them. Good mumble chatter as the PAX gathered and Crimson performed some sort of contortionist stretches to warm up, complete with moans and groans. With everyone ready and no FNGs, we set off for a warmup … Continue reading

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WWW and the Deck of Death!

Stepping up in the gloom this morning is WWW for his first Q!  12 PAX show-up to support our man including YHC for co-Q if needed.  No FNGs (at this time), we head out for our limited run around the parking lot and down the hill and circle-up under the light for the: Warm Up … Continue reading

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Paying the 540 Toll

14 HIM arrived at Tortoises this morning ready to pay the 540 toll.  But this toll isn't paid with money, it's paid with sweat and effort and heart. Warm up One lap around the pickle, Imperial Walkers, Sir Fazio Arm Twirlies (both directions), Cotton Pickers. Thang Mosey over to the picnic tables for 24 merkins, … Continue reading

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It's hard to write the backblast for my VQ without getting somewhat reflective and sentimental, but I'll save that for the NMS at the bottom of the post. First, here's what went down in the Peak City gloom this morning at Tortoises. Earhart and Freebird came cruising in from their usual EC run. Various mumble … Continue reading