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WWW x 3 and Largemouth 2.0’s B-day

Strong showing Wednesday morning for the birth of Largemouth's 3rd child. I guess by your 3rd C-section you can tell your wife, "Hey babe, I'm gonna go for a run with the guys and I'll meet you at the hospital!" We'll see if she'll cool with that with his 4th or 5th child... Insomnia had … Continue reading

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Hello Flacco

  With a week of travel in front of many PAX, Hello Kitty alerted the Carpex region via GroupMe that there were prime Q spots open all week. A true HIM, Flacco stepped up for his VQ with Kitty close in tow to help along the journey. And with that, it was time for a … Continue reading

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Shakin' Not Stirred was the first place YHC posted with F3, and it's always felt like home to me, so I was very excited to Q here for the first time. Warm-Up Mosey over to the community center parking lot and circle up for side straddle hops, merkins, plank jacks, imperial walkers and burpees (at … Continue reading

Shakin Not Stirred


Pulling into the Senior Center (an apt place to start for RESPECT Week, as so many pointed out - hardy har har), I could tell there was 24K magic in the air. Someone brought a Wal-Mark special fishing rod, an obvious nod to YHC's fishing prowess. Some PAX were already sweating from Insomnia; some were … Continue reading

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put that mumble chatter aside and commit to something

November 1st, 2017 One goal, and only one goal- stop the mumble chatter.  Is that really a good goal, or is that a selfish request?  Either way, I am the Q and took on the challenge.  Luckily we had a FNG (welcome Tubeless and thanks Wrangler for bringing him out) which would inspire Burt to … Continue reading

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What’s behind the 6?

Writing a bit of a backblast from some solo work this past week, and some observations along the way. Will spare you the backstory, but needless to say, I'm on the disabled list for a while.  This photo is from lap one or two, "Before the Fall".  Left knee's pretty useless at present.  So it's … Continue reading

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How quickly..

How quickly things change. Last week, Gloom temperatures were in the 70's and humid. This morning the PAX broke out the long sleeves and sweatshirts (some of them, anyway) for temps starting with a "4." And that's Freedom degrees, not in some commie temperature. The Tortoises crew had made the journey north in order to … Continue reading

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Don’t Sandbag Me Bro

Welcome to Day 2 of the Back-to-Back Beaker Beatdown (B4 [TM]).  I want to let you in on a little secret.  I typically sign up to Q with an idea already in mind.  Like, "Wouldn't it be fun to carry five gallons of water around and then hop on a sled pulled by my fellow … Continue reading

Shakin Not Stirred

When: 9/20/2017 QIC: Pet Sounds The PAX: see below As SNS is my 2nd favorite site in F3Carpex (only behind Kryptonite obviously)  I took this Q seriously.  Worked hours in preparation for these famed 45 minutes to deliver a powerful beatdown that would make even Larry happy.   Warm up - lap with around parking lot … Continue reading

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What Sore Legs?

After a GroupMe fartsack shaming on Tuesday - the day after the 9/11 stair climbs and only a couple of days removed from the BRR - when only a handful of CarPEX PAX posted, the boys showed up in force; from the looks of it, pert'neer 40 of them. We'll count-a-rama later. After a round … Continue reading