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Rolling Stone, Shakin Not Stirred, Vesper

A #2 in the Woods is NOT a Double Down!

Nice morning.   63 degrees.   Overcast.   15 for insomnia pre-run.   Pet Sounds does the Duece in the woods adjacent to parking lot between EC and SNS.  All of the ingredients were present.    32 dudes showed up and split into 3 groups.   14 for Boot Camp, 14 for Vespers (further split … Continue reading

Shakin Not Stirred, Virgin Q


After returning home from the Oak City Recovery Run Club block party on Tuesday night, I sat with the M watching the Bachelor Winter Games (because I suppose that's more entertaining than the quadrennial actual winter games), looking at a map of Bond Park, and perusing the exicon and this fine F3 nation page. It … Continue reading

Rolling Stone, Shakin Not Stirred, Vesper

What the heck is an Octothreat

As the Twitterserve would have it, YHC and some of the fellas including Captain Insano got into a deep-cut thread over the weekend and thus was born the “Octothreat.” With the pressure of the entire F3 Nation, YHC set out to embark the PAX on the first-ever Octothreat. But first, another solid showing at Insomnia. … Continue reading

Shakin Not Stirred

No snow, no truck

27 men didn't care what the weather man said.  Snow?  Blinding, blizzard like Cary-closing snow?  No HIM cares about that.  No such weather can slow an F3 man down.  Now, having your Optimus Prime truck stolen out of your driveway, that can keep you from a workout.  I've seen plenty of PAX dressed like ninjas … Continue reading

Insomnia, Shakin Not Stirred, Vesper


Ab-stract:  existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. Fear and Trepidation- Gotta admit it fellas, SNS is like the Holy Grail (okay, wrong AO, that's Flying Circus) of Carpex workouts (sorry DZ) to me.  So much going on here on Wednesday mornings, that over the last 2.5 … Continue reading

F3, Shakin Not Stirred

Stairway to 11’s ReMastered Edition

I swear I signed up to Q on a warmer day!? Warm up: Fellowship mosey behind the Vesper Crew. I was secretly hoping to follow them to the park entrance/exit to see if I got any "excited" mumble-chatter. The best I got was a few pax followed them when they headed towards the kiosk thinking … Continue reading

F3, Shakin Not Stirred

MINI Death Star – SNS

Twas a gloomy morning with rain in sight. 50 degrees.  Cloudy YHC had just finished the EC Insomnia run with Flip Flop and Shut-IN.  Flipper shared words of concern to the Q, as running insomnia sometimes causes loss of memory for the later workout.  Words from a HIM were accepted and we moved on.  Shouts … Continue reading

Shakin Not Stirred

It’s cold, but it’s no Reykjavik!

YHC was truly impressed  with all the CARPex crazies talking EC last night on the MC Groupme channel. Between Insomnia, EC Ruck, OTB in South Wake and Pittsboro --- and a Tortoise Challenge from @f3earhart --- was anyone going to Post at the Utopia that is the unofficial Wednesday CARPex convergence? As @flipflopcarpex and YHC … Continue reading

Shakin Not Stirred

+3 mi Closer to Bethlehem @ SNS

12/6/2017 Warm Up 23 PAX took off for SNS while 6 departed for Vesper. Mosey to the intersection for a selection of SSH, Imperial Walkers, slow/fast high knees to warm up the legs. Thang 1: Community Center Parking lot Count off into three groups for No-Man-Left-Behind Burpee 100.  Group 1 starts doing burpees at stop … Continue reading