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1-2-3 Float like a Butterfly Sting like a Bee

Twas Friday evening when I got the Tweet from Hello Kitty inquiring about the next mornings Phoenix Q. To which I replied "looks like the site Q" Without any hesitation he steps up to lend a hand or two. That's what it's all about guys. Seeing a need and putting yourself out there. Mississippi had … Continue reading

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’18 BRR Training

24 Pax including FNG Fortran and FNG 2.0s Puck and Ninjago. YHC agreed to take the Q to cover for Chef Tell, I also got a step closer to finishing the Carpex 2017 Q Challenge.  It was a beautiful morning for an outdoor workout. The Warmup: Jog over to the other parking lot, circle up, … Continue reading

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Where It’s At – Half a Pyramid and a Ladder

When: September 16, 2017 AO: Phoenix QIC: Biner and PBX PAX: Tony Danza, Dice, Dreamland, Texas Ranger, Pierogi, Appolo, Sticks, CK, Ollie (rucker), Bartman (rucker), Banjo (rucker) Only 13 men gathered this Saturday at Bond Park. 10 stayed for the Phoenix workout and 3 went off to ruck. Warm Up (Biner) Mosey over to the … Continue reading


Still shakin’ (or bakin?) three hundred and sixty five days later!

A few weeks ago, YHC was ego-surfing the now nearly impossible to find backblasts when I came across this beauty from Burt. I quickly jumped on the Q-sheet and found to my giddy surprise that the 9/9 slot at Phoenix was still open.  With a mix of trepidation ('how am I going to fill … Continue reading


Rock out with your ruck out

A confluence of circumstances conspired to germinate the 9/2 Phoenix workout, including: My observation that nobody had signed up to Q the day before The holiday weekend, with plenty of PAX expressing beach-bound intentions, making YHC think that the recent trend of impressive Phoenix numbers would experience a temporary reversal Rucking permanently on the brain, … Continue reading


Pet Rock

Pre-BB One of my spiritual fathers often reminds me: "When life feels heavy, you're probably carrying something that God doesn't want you to carry. When you don't have grace for what you're carrying, it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders." I have walked through seasons of heaviness many, many times. … Continue reading


Big Surprise!

There are times in life when an opportunity presents itself, yet you are too afraid to take it. But if you are able to muster the courage to make use of these opportunities, there can be incredible rewards. Or harrowing losses. I want to tell you a story of an experience I had as a young tyke, standing alone in the front yard of my childhood home, urinating gleefully into the wind.