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12 Days of Burpees

Warm-Up (read more about the real warm-up at the bottom) Hello Kitty leads the men down to the lower parking lot for Side Santa Hops, Cranberry Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Sir Fazio, Quick Feet and Curb Erkins. The Thang YHC takes over and leads the men through the Disco Kitty version of 12 Days of Christmas.  … Continue reading



November 18, 2017 16 pax and no FNGs and one guest [The Mighty Lance] from corporate. Mosey to the community center parking lot to warm-up that prolly included, but not limited to: ssh, good am, Willy Mays Hayes, mtn climbers, merkins, and some stretches. With a partner of similar speed, "Catch Me if You Can" … Continue reading

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3 Hills

The inspiration for the workout today at Phoenix came from reflecting on the hill of Calvary on which Christ persevered and shed His blood for us on the cross. We took on three hills at Phoenix, and I asked the PAX to think of Him and His sacrifice as they persevered this morning. It was … Continue reading

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Christmas Came Early

BB 15 HIM joined YHC on a crisp, cool NC fall morning at the flaming chicken. I recommended beforehand, that anyone not wanting to run far and work hard, should stay home. These men came out on purpose. Proud of you guys. Today, we learned about teamwork and, in particular, team communication. When you run … Continue reading

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1-2-3 Float like a Butterfly Sting like a Bee

Twas Friday evening when I got the Tweet from Hello Kitty inquiring about the next mornings Phoenix Q. To which I replied "looks like the site Q" Without any hesitation he steps up to lend a hand or two. That's what it's all about guys. Seeing a need and putting yourself out there. Mississippi had … Continue reading

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’18 BRR Training

24 Pax including FNG Fortran and FNG 2.0s Puck and Ninjago. YHC agreed to take the Q to cover for Chef Tell, I also got a step closer to finishing the Carpex 2017 Q Challenge.  It was a beautiful morning for an outdoor workout. The Warmup: Jog over to the other parking lot, circle up, … Continue reading

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Where It’s At – Half a Pyramid and a Ladder

When: September 16, 2017 AO: Phoenix QIC: Biner and PBX PAX: Tony Danza, Dice, Dreamland, Texas Ranger, Pierogi, Appolo, Sticks, CK, Ollie (rucker), Bartman (rucker), Banjo (rucker) Only 13 men gathered this Saturday at Bond Park. 10 stayed for the Phoenix workout and 3 went off to ruck. Warm Up (Biner) Mosey over to the … Continue reading