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F3, Fitness, Kryptonite

Another Rainy Day in Kryptonite City

Date : 02/19/18 , QIC Fluoride Roll up to Kryptonite for my Q with 2 mins. to spare, early for me. Surely it won't rain 3 weeks in a row, Wrongggg!!! Granted it was a light rain and slightly cold, but rain none the less, and I hate to work out in the rain. The … Continue reading


St. Nick Delivers

Monday, February 6th the day after the Superbowl/Krispy Kreme weekend. Tough draw day to Q (blame it on MaBell). The combination of queso, wings and hops had the PAX a bit sluggish but we pressed on. Let's see how it turned out: COP SSH; Good Mornings - You're welcome Burt; Mountain Climbers; Merkins. Land Wars … Continue reading


Puttin the mpo in Up Tempo

On a delightfully warm, yet misty morning, 14 PAX rolled into the gloom hoping to check the Kryptonite box for what would be an easy Ma Bell workout (at least that's what Hermes said). 'Twas not to be. At 0530 - OK, 05:30:20 seconds. Come on fancy watch, catch a GPS signal already! - we … Continue reading

Fitness, Kryptonite

Agility City: High-Tempo Style

Finally got to Q the AO known as Kryptonite, which is listed on the F3Carpex site as "high tempo".   That being said, it has always been unclear to me what "high tempo" exactly means in a F3 workout.  Oh, YHC has been to quite a few of "high tempo" F3 workouts, including Kryptonite and F3 … Continue reading


Warm and Fuzzy

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling 01-15-18 QIC. Banjo Kryptonite 11 pax. Banjo, Pet Sounds, Ma Bell, GTL, Chipper, Grease Monkey, Denali, Largemouth, Squatter, Chaticleer, Wonderbread, Jog to the main Koka Booth entrance for warm up. SSH, Imperial Walker, Hand Release Ranger Crunch Merkins [uh, we start in the down position. amiright], windmills, good morning, oyo stretch [those things … Continue reading


Sure felt like Krypton…

Disclaimer: YHC turns 45 tomorrow.  This all looked good on paper.  Y'all are in for an interesting week. Awoke early, excited about putting into play the little plan I worked up over a celebratory fondue dinner Sunday night (during dinner my 2.0s were even demonstrating some of the workout to my M.  She was not … Continue reading


Handful of Coconuts

13 PAX got to experience YHCs best MaBell Special with a touch of Kryptonite.  Merkins & Coconuts for all!   Warmup Short run across the street to the parking lot, mix in some Karaoke along the way. Merkins, Hillbillys, Imperial Walkers, Good Morning, More Merkins Thang 1:   Grab a Coconut for shoulder/back work Plank … Continue reading


A Tortoise Leads the Hares

It's 05:20 and I'm pulling into Regency Park wondering what have I gotten myself into?  I'm a tortoise, I'm a clydesdale, I got no business posting at Kryptonite, much less Q'ing.  Is this going to be a huge success, like the Titanic movie?  Or a huge disaster, like the Titanic boat?  Let's find out. Warm-Up … Continue reading