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Accidental 4.4

12 PAX this morning for YHCs first Kryptonite Q.  Excited for my drive chance to take the wheel of this one, we nearly ran the tires off.  No FNGs, 5:30- Let's go. Warm-up: Jog to the lakeside tent for 20 SSH, 10 GMs, 20 PJs, 10 IWs, 20 Mtn Climbers, 20 Merkins. The Thang: Split … Continue reading



14 Pax shook off The Odyssey hangover and took to a high tempo beatdown by YHC.  (Here's our Strava from Michelob) Some chatter on Twitter last night meant when YHC saw a white honda stroll in to the parking lot right after 0545, he wasn't waiting... (Un)fortunately we have some HIMs in our region that … Continue reading

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Got to keep things moving…

My wife was out late last night so I ended up staying up late too which made me a little nervous about the early morning Q. We had a good crowd when I got there and per usual Flouride showed up right on time with Midler right behind him.  Then we were off. Warm Up … Continue reading


Big Lots

Mozy to large lot Warm Up SSH x 15 IW x 13 GM x 10 Plankjacks x 15 The Thang Parking lot divided into 3 main sections and for each section, we went up and back around each island, doing exercise at each corner, starting with 2 and increasing by 2 each turn. Run the … Continue reading


Dazed and Confused

When: Sept 11, 2017 QIC: Earhart The PAX: Freebird, Crimson, Sooey, Saban, Shut-In, Middler, Ascott, Hotspot, WKRP, Aristocrat, Texas Ranger, Smokey, Disco Duck, Pickles, Wilbur YHC Earhart Welcome to Kryptonite, my first time here to post and Q, hence I mostly was wandering around, dazed and confused.  15 PAX show-up (eventually), many of whom this … Continue reading


Loud Ain’t Hi Tempo

64 degree, limited humidity, 13 men (6 for 2 lake loops EC)  for a little Kryptonite this am.  Flag planted, no FNGs.   Select a partner.   Cape and Boxing Gloves did not last long.   We are off. Warm Up Half lap. SSH, MC, LBJJ, Hillbilly, LBJJ, GMs.  10-20x. Quick run over to the … Continue reading



Workout date: 08/14/17 QIC: Fluoride On the way to our warm up in front of Koko Booth, somewhere in the chatter I heard that Eddy Money had been playing at Koka Booth the night before. What a blast from the past, did not know he was still out there. I had another concert in mind … Continue reading


8/7/17 Inflating Snake BLIMPS at Inspiration Point

14 High Impact Men for a high-paced (for YHC) Kryptonite work out this morning! The Warm-up: Mosey just past the tent next to the lake, circle up for some Good Mornings and Imp Walkers. Get into four 3-4 man teams, do the weave/baby indian run around the lake to the stop light.  Squat hold to … Continue reading