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Full Metal Jacket

2nd Time Around

Shank put out the APB for a Q on Sunday night. YHC perused the work calendar for a moment, and heeded the call. I was set for my 2nd ever Q on Thursday at BO, but in retrospect I'm glad it came a couple of days early. Monday, being President's Day, provided the rare opportunity … Continue reading

F3, Full Metal Jacket

180 degrees is better than 0 degrees…

Cold.  Windy.  Tuesday.  Q showed up early for a little recon.  5:30 and we are off Warmup Standard Half warmup.  Couple O Circles around the parking lot.  Butt Kickers, Side Shuffles, and High Knees.  Circled up for Good mornings16X and Windmills11X. Ok, lets go!  Run towards the soccer field, close to the site parking lot.  … Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket

Take My Breath Away

You know what makes a Q feel good?  When that special someone says at the end of the workout, "That might have been the hardest workout I've ever done."  It really takes your breath away.  Thanks Tubeless. 12 PAX gathered in the "snow"crest parking lot of Salem Park, whose students get to enjoy quite possibly … Continue reading

F3, Fitness, Full Metal Jacket

It was a Dark and Stormy Morning…

Pre-BB The FMJ Q-Coozies are awesome. Nice work, Shank. To be clear, though, it was NOT for the wet Coozie that YHC partnered with Pet Sounds on this unusually warm and stormy morning in the PEX. YHC enjoys the challenge - to post, let alone Q, in the monsoon conditions that were forecast promised to … Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket

Tour de Salem

Perhaps in anticipation of getting back to work...nah...getting out in the 13 degree gloom...maybe...Qing FMJ for the first time, YHC got out early and ran round and round Salem Pond to warm up, arriving right on time as the rest of the PAX arrived and...sat in their cars. Finally coaxing the little darlings from their … Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket

Merkin Mile and Special Ops at FMJ

YHC will hit the road on Friday not to return until New Year's Eve, so with that, one more chance to Q a beatdown and to FMJ for the work. Sgt. Kitty reporting for duty (he said duty). A group of HIMtastic men joined for some EC at 0505. Ma Bell, Parker, Snots, Water Wings … Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket

Cocked, Locked and Ready To Rock!

15 PAX got to experience YHCs best effort FMJ soundtrack.   Warmup Surfin’ Bird (is the Word) - One lap (most of the way) around the Salem Pond Lap around parking lot Walk This Way Aerosmith - Circle for SSH x 30 (IC), Imperial Walkers x 25 (IC), Hillbillys x 20x (IC) Good Mornings x … Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket

Louisville Don’t Know

I pulled in to the parking lot at Salem Pond Park excited about my first Q at Full Metal Jacket.  Banjo was there, McCants was there, I knew we had to do some burpees. Warm-Up Mosey across the parking lot and circle up for some side straddle hops, imperial walkers, plank jacks and ten burpees … Continue reading