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Full Metal Jacket

Louisville Don’t Know

I pulled in to the parking lot at Salem Pond Park excited about my first Q at Full Metal Jacket.  Banjo was there, McCants was there, I knew we had to do some burpees. Warm-Up Mosey across the parking lot and circle up for some side straddle hops, imperial walkers, plank jacks and ten burpees … Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket


Asystole, Banjo, Blue and out, Callahan, Chinese downhill, Fred Sanford, GTL, Half, Intimidator, McCants, Parker, Pickles, Snots, Water Wings, Wilbur, 15 pax for a Chilly FMJ. No FNGs and we’re off to the front of school to warmup.  SSH, Willy Mays Hayes, windmills, imperial walker, Sir Fazio arm twirlies, mtn climbers, merkins ARM ROASTER: bear crawl to opposite curb, 1 merkin, bear … Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket

The 1%

In past wars, the war effort was a national effort.  The entire country got behind both world wars and in Vietnam, the draft touched families across this land in all economic groups.  For the war or against the war, the war effort was front and center at family dinner tables coast to coast.  That was … Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket

Bayside High School Is Awesome

I love @jeremyfoland sending out the weekly "Who's Qing" tweet because about every 4th week or so I look and say, "Oh, I'm Qing this week."  And speaking of Hotspot, we'll get back to him a little later. Good crowd of 21 PAX today, including 2 FNGs from out of state.  The FNGs came with … Continue reading

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“It Didn’t Look That Big When We Started”

hill·ock ˈhilək noun a small hill or mound. synonyms: mound, small hill, prominence, elevation, rise, knoll, hummock, hump, dune; bank, ridge, knob; formaleminence "the lovely green hillocks in the distance"   First, credit to Denali for the #twss quote (possibly paraphrased) that became the backblast title.  We wrapped up our workout on the featured hillock near the Salem Pond Park parking lot, but there was … Continue reading

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Merkins, Murph, Burpees.

Is there really more I need to say?  I guess maybe that there were some LBCs and Freddie Mercuries sprinkled in, or that Large Mouth runs like an antelope out of control, or that my co-site Q Shank made the most amazing shovel flag ever (complete with hand-created camouflage), or that same said co-site Q … Continue reading