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12 Days of Christmas Already?

Got to the park with 15 mins. to go and already had a couple people there. I chatted with Yoga Mat but headed off to see how far my warm up lap was.  About 0.6 miles which would work nicely. Warm up Up the hill and around the parking lot to Chanticleer's for Plank hold, … Continue reading

Flirtin' With Disaster

High-Tempo Molly Hatchet

17 of Carpex's finest entered into the brisk gloom, 16 from automobiles and 1 from a bicycle.  After auctioning off the Kryptonite Q yesterday, YHC still had the urge for a high tempo Q.  Plans were made known via GroupMe (like by Hello Kitty and WKRP within 15 seconds) so YHC was guilt-free.  And there … Continue reading

Flirtin' With Disaster

11/21 2.4 mile string of pearl

19 pax for a 2.4 mile loop stopping at about 5 spots for some pain stations. Joe Smith led us for some Homer to Marge work at the LDS parking lot. We did some pull ups at the playground, a 10 count down the line inverted sunrise over US1, we finished with some one-arm merkins … Continue reading

Flirtin' With Disaster

Uphill Both Ways

How long's FWD been in action?  How long has it been since I've been there? (last time I posted, Fluoride almost killed me...he's a BEAST)  You mean I've never had a chance to Q there?  What, it's Sunday and there's an open Q slot there (and at Vesper AND at Dante's Peak)?  Fantastic, time to pay … Continue reading

Flirtin' With Disaster

Flirtin With Respect

November 7th 2017 QIC Fluoride The Pax: Ollie, Sosa, Dice, Oofta, Saban, Kyrie, Lite Brite, Chanticleer, Titanic, Mufasa, WKRP, Term Paper, Whorley, Joe Smith, Hermes, Wonder Bread. It was a perfect morning at Marla Dorrell park as I rolled in for yet another beat down with my fellow pax. As I walked up I noticed … Continue reading

Flirtin' With Disaster

Halloween Extravaganza (F3 Style)

  21 men donned their duds for the most epic beatdown Flirtin' With Disaster has ever seen on Halloween.....ok, maybe it's this AO's first Halloween....but it was still epic. YHC was a bit worried about how many would show up in costume, since not everyone is on GroupMe, but the PAX didn't disappoint at all! … Continue reading

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BB YHC hails from Generation X. Gen X?! We tried to name ourselves...colossal failure. Remember when George Costanza tried to name himself, "T-Bone?" Bad idea, "Co Co the Monkey." Kobe, "The Black Mamba?" Really?! We received a key reminder today at FWD - #Don'tNameYourself. Let's start that trending... Oh - we also learned about teamwork. … Continue reading

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Autumn Arrives

YHC was excited for my first Q at Flirtin' With Disaster and arrived early to scope things out.  Some plans had to change when I realized how incredibly dark the park is.  And after what seemed like two weeks of sauna like weather it finally starsted to feel like October.  I may have been the … Continue reading

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Continued Odyessy Recovery

14 PAX gathered in the swampy pit of Marla Dorrel Park this July October morning.  With the temp at 75 and the humidity at 132%, everyone worked up a good sweat walking from their cars to the shovel flag.  Most were relatively early this morning, YHC assumed that spirits were high with anticipation.  5:45, time to … Continue reading

Flirtin' With Disaster

Happy Birthday to Me!

What a fantastic, cool, lovey morning.  And dark.  Good heavens Marla Dorrel Park is dark at 5:45 in the morning.  As it is so dark, 5:45 finds Chanticleer rolling in and undressing as we roll out of the park and up into the parking lot in front of Lowes Foods.  Also known as "The New … Continue reading