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Dante's Peak

10 10 Road of Hard Knocks

When: Oct 20th, 2017 QIC: Free Bird The PAX: GTL, Sour Mash, Ascot, Hot Spot, Malpractice, Kabota, Grease Monkey, Khakis, Monkey Nut, Bogo, Snots, Franklin, Blue print, Nature Boy, Red Ryder, PBX,Wilbur, Old Maid, Free bird When I posted the twitter pre blast warning of "devastation", I thought it would just be another Twitter scare … Continue reading

Dante's Peak

Happy Birthday Dante’s Peak!

When: Oct 13th, 2017 QIC: Earhart The PAX: Wilbur, Bocephus, BOGO, Parker, Crimson, Freebird, Sooey, Shut-In, Malpractice, Monkey Nut, Hot Spot, GTL, Snots, Water Wings, Imp, Sooner, Spitvalve (Raleigh), YHC Earhart Can’t believe it has been a year since Shut-In and I launched Dante’s Peak. It took me a while to get the site going … Continue reading

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Brought to you by the letter B

YHC was dismayed last Friday to learn that the one day I was taking off last week was the day F3Carpex went burpee crazy, and I missed all the fun.  Fortunately I had the next Dante's Peak Q and an opportunity to help make #burpeefriday a thing. Warm-up Mosey to the circle for side stradle … Continue reading

Dante's Peak

It’s a numbers game……

Numbers here, numbers there.  We are inundated by numbers.  How fast were you driving, what was your GPA, how much did your house cost, what is your income, how much did you pay in taxes, how many times have you posted, how long have you been doing F3.  Numbers are everywhere and some are good … Continue reading

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9/1/17 Dante’s Peak Hill Repeats

11 Stallions including YHC met up in the gloom on a damp morning.  YHC needs to finalize his BRR training and since we are in the Peak of Good Living - we must do some hill repeats. -Warmup - jog over to the basketball court 30 SSH - and then 10 more and a result … Continue reading

Dante's Peak

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Tube Man

It was a surprisingly, yet welcome, coolish morning as 25 super-studs gathered up at Apex Nature Park. YHC was making my way around the PAX for the customary hand-shakes, fish bumps and, in today's case, one FNG disclaimer. Glancing at the watch, it was 05:44:45. Let's get after it. No time for 1 minute warning. … Continue reading

Dante's Peak

Rude Awakening

I was awoken by the 2.1 at 4:38am and after a quick diaper change I decided to look up who had the Q of Dante's Peak this morning.  Boy was I surprised to see that YHC had signed up (likely during another sleepless night).  Time to rise to the occasion and make somebody sweat.  27 pax arrived for an early … Continue reading

Dante's Peak

Celebration in the Peak of Good Living

Earhart, sooner, SUEY, Swag, monkey nut, disco duck, Parker, Snots, Lulu, ascot, stove pipe, nature boy, Franklin, goose, blueprint, road rash, blackout, open out, Wilbur, banjo, hotspot, water wings, Crimson, sky blue Babyface, a.k.a., Colin Snyder, led a compelling sermon centered around Jesus his first miracle, John 2:1 to 11, turning water into wine at … Continue reading