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I wanna rock…

Nov. 17, 2017 – Dante’s Peak Q 11/16/17-Preblast "We're gonna rock this town.  Bring yer kitten mittens."  (inserted gif of a Stray Cats album cover of some sort) No response from the pax.  A few mediocre likes, one retweet.  Meh. 11/16/17 2:15pm:  Hotspot with a HC for a run in and out of DP. 11/16/17 … Continue reading

Dante's Peak

Try Not to Poop Yourself

As #RespectWeek winds down, there was one last Friday flurry of RESPECT Qs before the finale tomorrow at Phoenix. YHC had actually signed up for this Q before the concept began, so it was fate. And I knew I had to bring it, when I saw 22 pairs of eager eyes staring at me from … Continue reading

Dante's Peak

Four-Alarm Fire

BB 20 PAX stamped their passports and journeyed ALL THE WAY to DP on a misty, unseasonably-warm morning. YHC kept hearing something about it being a "first Friday," and therefore cause for an "easier" workout! Yeah, right. Let the beatdown begin. The Warmup - Pledge of Allegiance at the Shovel Flag - Jog to the … Continue reading

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Take me to the other side

Twenty HIM showed up on a cold morning for YHC's second Dante's Peak Q.  For my first Q we stayed on the main side of the park and did burpees.  Lots and lots of burpees.  More than once I was reminded that there was more to the park than the baskeball court.  Today I decided … Continue reading

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What’s behind the 6?

Writing a bit of a backblast from some solo work this past week, and some observations along the way. Will spare you the backstory, but needless to say, I'm on the disabled list for a while.  This photo is from lap one or two, "Before the Fall".  Left knee's pretty useless at present.  So it's … Continue reading

Dante's Peak

10 10 Road of Hard Knocks

When: Oct 20th, 2017 QIC: Free Bird The PAX: GTL, Sour Mash, Ascot, Hot Spot, Malpractice, Kabota, Grease Monkey, Khakis, Monkey Nut, Bogo, Snots, Franklin, Blue print, Nature Boy, Red Ryder, PBX,Wilbur, Old Maid, Free bird When I posted the twitter pre blast warning of "devastation", I thought it would just be another Twitter scare … Continue reading

Dante's Peak

Happy Birthday Dante’s Peak!

When: Oct 13th, 2017 QIC: Earhart The PAX: Wilbur, Bocephus, BOGO, Parker, Crimson, Freebird, Sooey, Shut-In, Malpractice, Monkey Nut, Hot Spot, GTL, Snots, Water Wings, Imp, Sooner, Spitvalve (Raleigh), YHC Earhart Can’t believe it has been a year since Shut-In and I launched Dante’s Peak. It took me a while to get the site going … Continue reading

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Brought to you by the letter B

YHC was dismayed last Friday to learn that the one day I was taking off last week was the day F3Carpex went burpee crazy, and I missed all the fun.  Fortunately I had the next Dante's Peak Q and an opportunity to help make #burpeefriday a thing. Warm-up Mosey to the circle for side stradle … Continue reading