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BOMBS around a Campfire

Ever since it's gotten so that it stays dark well past 6:30, I haven't seen many groups venture into the gloom murk pitch blackness that is North Cary Park. To hell with that -  this is @F3DangerZone! So I set up a very cute campfire in the  field to entertain the troops. After making sure everyone … Continue reading

Danger Zone


Friday mornings are made for Danger Zone, the original Cary AO. 73 degrees, humid, slightly overcast. Nice crowd this morning which formed while I placed the cones on the soccer field. 24 dudes, inlcuding one FNG (more on that later), PigPen and his 2.0...7 year old Boom from Raleigh and Big Bird, Viking and Puck … Continue reading

Danger Zone

Pre-CSAUP: A stretch, some lunges, and proper hydration

On the eve of the Carpex Odyssey, YHC was left to ponder at what level to push the PAX on this fine October morning. Knowing that a good stretch, and hydration were essential, YHC set out to deliver a well-rounded “beatdown” in hopes that lactic acid would be pushed out of the PAX legs and … Continue reading

Danger Zone

Just Another #BurpeeFriday

Short on time, my apologies, but I want to give credit to those 19 Pax that attended! Warmup:  SSH, GM, Sir Fazios, 10 Burpees IC Partner up and together knockout light pole burpees 1 through 5, WWIIs, Plank for instructions. Thang - P1 bear crawl up the business park road hill, P2 10 burpees and … Continue reading

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Prodigal No-Show

Today was supposed to be the triumphant return to the Q of DZ's own prodigal site-Q Callahan.  So much anticipation building to this historic occasion.  Callahan's last Q at DZ was January 6th, heck, may have even been his last post at this site.  The calf is so fat now, YHC was planning to roll … Continue reading

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Q That Will Live in Infamy

YHC tweeted last night that this would be a Q that will live in infamy. It would prove a portent of things to come. For, in a cosmic coincidence of epic proportions, both site Qs actually showed up at Danger Zone. I mean, when was the last time that happened? Has it ever happened? Did … Continue reading

Danger Zone

Dreamin’ of DangerZone

YHC/QIC rolled up to Danger Zone to see 13 men awaiting in the Gloom.  True Gloom too: moderately dense fog settling over the men and the shovel flag, and mild cool brisk air.  I really needed to consult with one of the site Qs, but alas, there was no sight Q in site.  Burt exclaimed … Continue reading

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What’s a celebration merkin?

With Yogi on the sideline (rest well sweet Prince) the run-and-gun (hold on that run) duo of Hello Kitty and Pierogi were the next men up to lead an All-American beat down at Danger Zone. Warmup: Kitty led the PAX for a warmup lap around the pickle at a noticeably low-slow tempo. Circle up in … Continue reading

Danger Zone

Off Campus Work

A muggy Friday at the original Cary (before CarPex) AO.  It was 77 with nearly 100% humidity.   Site Q Large planted the flag and the men began to gather.   Welcome Big Bird (my boy), Puck and Viking from 20 somethings from the ITB and as well as Kotter Billy.   Great to have … Continue reading

Danger Zone

Relay Replay

To my delight and amazement and after Large Mouth and I were just talking about him coming back soon, Callahan walked out of the bushes and returned to Danger Zone!   Total Pax of 16 gathered around the flag and with a quick disclaimer we were off.   Warmup  Lap around the pickle and then: … Continue reading