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Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)

16 Rock Stars came out on a crisp Friday morning to get stronger. Warm-Up Hustle around the pickle to the basketball courts and circle up for side straddle hops, imperical walkers, Sir Fazio arm twirlies (both ways), standard merkins and plank jacks. The Thang Hustle across the soggy soccer field to the rock pile and … Continue reading

Danger Zone

Salute to our Veterans.

Nice morning.   44 degrees.   Crystal clear.  Respect Week.   The original Cary AO.  26 HIMs. The DZ crew was complete this am with Cally and Large in attendance.   Today we observe Veterans Day and at DZ we are fortunate to be the closest AO to Cary’s Veterans Freedom Park.   Cally took us … Continue reading

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A Respect Week Preview

Admittedly I am jumping the gun on Respect week but I will be out of town and feel deep need to get my “experienced” thoughts included in the week’s activities. If fellow Respects allow, suggest setting goal for workout to provide a beat down that will allow the young-ins to share in our daily ritual … Continue reading

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Chopping and Running

I knew my trail run race was coming up but I was a bit surprised to find out I signed up to Q the day before it. Oh well, guess its good and I can not kill my legs with 100 squats or something. Oh and then Hello Kitty asked to do the meow mile … Continue reading

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BOMBS around a Campfire

Ever since it's gotten so that it stays dark well past 6:30, I haven't seen many groups venture into the gloom murk pitch blackness that is North Cary Park. To hell with that -  this is @F3DangerZone! So I set up a very cute campfire in the  field to entertain the troops. After making sure everyone … Continue reading

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Friday mornings are made for Danger Zone, the original Cary AO. 73 degrees, humid, slightly overcast. Nice crowd this morning which formed while I placed the cones on the soccer field. 24 dudes, inlcuding one FNG (more on that later), PigPen and his 2.0...7 year old Boom from Raleigh and Big Bird, Viking and Puck … Continue reading

Danger Zone

Pre-CSAUP: A stretch, some lunges, and proper hydration

On the eve of the Carpex Odyssey, YHC was left to ponder at what level to push the PAX on this fine October morning. Knowing that a good stretch, and hydration were essential, YHC set out to deliver a well-rounded “beatdown” in hopes that lactic acid would be pushed out of the PAX legs and … Continue reading

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Just Another #BurpeeFriday

Short on time, my apologies, but I want to give credit to those 19 Pax that attended! Warmup:  SSH, GM, Sir Fazios, 10 Burpees IC Partner up and together knockout light pole burpees 1 through 5, WWIIs, Plank for instructions. Thang - P1 bear crawl up the business park road hill, P2 10 burpees and … Continue reading

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Prodigal No-Show

Today was supposed to be the triumphant return to the Q of DZ's own prodigal site-Q Callahan.  So much anticipation building to this historic occasion.  Callahan's last Q at DZ was January 6th, heck, may have even been his last post at this site.  The calf is so fat now, YHC was planning to roll … Continue reading