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Danger Zone

Some Things Never Change

Prologue:  extensive interviews took place with several OGs of Carpex to obtain information for the following epic story of Danger Zone. The history of the Danger Zone, the original Area of Operation in Carpex, runs deeeeeep.  As fate, or faith, would have it…..the location for the greatest AO in the U.S.A was obvious.  [There were … Continue reading

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Vanilla Ice Cream Social

BB 18 HIM’s and one @f3_breathtaker (worn by @CK) joined YHC for a very vanilla DJQ at DZ. The Warmup - Pledge of Allegiance at the flag - Run the pickle twice alternating backwards run and both ways karaoke - Circle up for: Good Mornings, SSHs, Sir Fazio/OH Claps, Merkins, Hillbillies - Run to the … Continue reading

Danger Zone

Birthday Extravaganza and January 26 History Lesson

YHC's birthday fell on a Friday this year so of course I was planning to Q the best AO in Carpex, on Friday, in North Cary. To my delight, Saban has the same birthday and the same plans. The Co-Q fix was in. 14 arrived, one was a FNG - 13 on time, Flip flop … Continue reading

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The 2nd Most Amazing Workout To Have….. never happened

Yep the weather app stated 11 degrees.  At 6:40 a.m. YHC waited for next door neighbor @f3pierogi to emerge.  Nothing.  Damnation, he fartsacked on his own neighbor.  That's when YHC should have gone into his garage, utilizing Pierogi's obvious garage code "TCUrulz",  to confiscate all his homebrew.  But YHC didn't.  Instead moseyed/slid a couple of blocks … Continue reading

Danger Zone

12 Wolverines

Conned Zip Drive into posting with me early on his Winter break (after a late night out for us all Thursday night), then conned him into trying his hand at a little bit of the Q.  We planned to cover about 2 miles on the run, with a 12 Days of Christmas countup.  Little surprise … Continue reading

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The After Party

Pre-BB Men, YHC and my M, Leah, had an absolute BLAST at the Christmas Party last night. Leah really enjoyed herself and loved meeting many of your M's. She commented on the way home about how kind, outgoing, funny, and fun-loving everyone seemed to be. YHC intentionally took several moments to look around at everyone … Continue reading