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FIA, Pain Tubes, and Donkey Kicks

This was my second Q at BO and I had regrets from my first.  Namely, Sputnik taking a fall and breaking his wrist.  To my surprise Sputnik was there this morning. Wonder if he know I had the Q.  Anyway, I completed the disclaimer for 3 FNGs and told everyone to not get hurt and … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary, Fitness

Variety is the Spice of Life

4 (3 runners and a rucker) showed up at BO for the #meowmile. We picked up 3 more at the halfway point where Hello Kitty subjected us all to HIS 55 fantasy football penalty merkins on the way back. Wait, did I just type that? Merkins are a bonus, a pleasure, a treasure, dare I … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

The Whole 30

YHC rolled into Bradford’s Ordinary at 0525, pumped and ready to Make It A Great Thursday by starting his day off with another PAX-filled running of the 2nd Inaugural #MeowMile (a “fully sanctioned” and federally trademarked BO/Carpex EC event).  At 0530, YHC became thoroughly confused when nary a PAX was in sight.  Not a one.  … Continue reading

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Pocket Park Blues

I rolled in early and saw a few guys already stretching next to the church and wondered if I had gotten mixed up on the time.  Turns out they were part of the #meowmile crew, and off they went.  They returned a few minutes with Hello Kitty and a few others looking for extra credit. … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

B.O. 8/24/17

So, I'm late. If I were a woman, that'd be quite the statement. Here's what happened: WARM UP: C'mon bro, this happened nearly three weeks ago. But if I'm going to guess, I'd say it was some assortment of SSH, GM, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Squats(?), Arm Circles(?) THE THANG: Run over to the most glorious concrete structure in … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

9/7/2017 Callahan, Coney, Goose, Parker, Katniss, Water Wings, (unknown), Smokey, Pet Sounds, Pickles, Disco Duck, Term Paper, Snots, Sosa, Chanticleer, Ma Bell, Dreamliner, Beaner, Earhart, Joe Smith, Angry Elf, Half, Coxswain There weren't many TTs on TTT but there were 24 PAX that showed up to be lead by Coxswain with a quick start promptly … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

More Burpees Than Planned

PAX: 19 (FNG Lite-Brite) Excited to hit up some BO this morning. YHC has been on the low low when it comes to Q-ing so I'm happy to get back in the game. With all of the new AOs the opportunity to lead a workout can only increase! So just as my Twitter #PB announced … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary, Fitness

Mamma Mia!

18 PAX were treated to a fine TTT at BO. Whether they knew it or not, they had gathered to help YHC start off his 43rd year on the big ball the right way. YHC spent some time last night thinking about how to include the maximum amount of suck into 45 minutes, and I … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

Over Hill and Dale in Downtown Cary

So a few weeks ago I was complaining giving constructive criticism about an Indian Run we were in the middle of when Term Paper said, "Guess what, VQ week is right around the corner and you can plan an even better workout."  Dazed and confused, YHC finds himself in the gloom, in front of FUMC, … Continue reading