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Bradford's Ordinary, F3

40 Year-Old Virgin Q

June 2nd, 2017, YHC is having an early afternoon HH (I know you’re all shocked!) with a few old friends, when one of them says “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow morning?”. Of course, I was planning to do what I always do on Saturday mornings, sleep! This Saturday would be different. I woke up … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

Legendary Mumblechatter

Q:  Captain Insane-o (KD Pax from F3 Louisville; YHC) Pax (21):  Term Paper (respect), Yoga Mat (respect), Theisman, Emeril, Disco Duck, Angry Elf, Riptide, Shut In, Chinese Downhill (respect), Picachu, WKRP, Hermès, Midget (for Life), Sliderule, Banana Seat, Burt (respect), Half, Calllahan, Highlighter, Cody (respect), CI Conditions:  36, nippy, clear.  Gear (for F3 Louisville Zoolander): … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary, Convergence

I am thankful & I am third

In an effort to add a few more Q’s to YHC's list before the end of the year, YHC locked in on Thanksgiving morning at Bradford’s Ordinary a few months ago, only to later find out that it would be a Carpex Convergence... and 60-minutes at that. Have not fear PAX, YHC is up to … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

The Traveling Jacks

When: Nov 16th, 2017 QIC: Earhart The PAX: Khakis, Riptide, Hermes, Hello Kitty, Half, Pickles, Callahan, Lite Brite, Gopher, Ma Bell, Angry Elf, Coney, Tecumseh, YHC Earhart YHC was nostalgic as he pulled into BO after two years of posting, sweating, grunting and crying with a great group of men.  I cannot believe it has … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

Gloom Despair Agony

14 pax. Banjo, CK, Callahan, Chanticleer, Denali, Earhart, Fluoride, Hermetic s, Lite Brite, Ollie, Riptide, Sputnik, Term Paper, missing one, Chop Block? 14 pax and no FNGs for the first morning of real gloom of the season. We huddle, MC, stay warm, MC, count down the minutes, MC, seconds tick by, MC, and we’re off. Head to the bank … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary, F3


17 PAX were led through the mean streets of Cary at B.O.  YHC with the Q, a virgin one at that. With temps above 60, Hank Top Thursday was in full effect.  RESPECT BURT graced us with his presence, along with his bag of gently used hanks.  Shirts were changed and we were off. Warm … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary, F3, Fitness, Uncategorized

The Dirty Dozen

Six HIM showed up for the Kitty-less #meowmile.  Well, five showed up to run, one accidentally showed up early and joined us just to be friendly.  And at the turn-around Kitty made a cameo to say Hello When we returned our numbers had doubled to an even Dirty Dozen.  Perfect for partnering up. Warm-Up Hustle … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary, Fitness, Uncategorized

FIA, Pain Tubes, and Donkey Kicks

This was my second Q at BO and I had regrets from my first.  Namely, Sputnik taking a fall and breaking his wrist.  To my surprise Sputnik was there this morning. Wonder if he know I had the Q.  Anyway, I completed the disclaimer for 3 FNGs and told everyone to not get hurt and … Continue reading