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Bradford's Ordinary

Back Blast[oise]

I knew I wanted to do it at some point. 8 calendar days into the Q game seemed pretty early to break it out, but @F3CaryBO forced my hand. And as I started to piece together the workout options... there are too many ideas to be contained in 45 minutes, so consider this round one. … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

The OCTOTHREAT is real, people. Prepare yourselves!

Another glorious day in the gloom is upon us and YHC is ready for his second ever solo Q at his favorite AO, Bradford's Ordinary (BO for short).  As always, there's been a lot of mumble chatter in CARPex and YHC has been trying to keep up.  If only there was a way to organize our … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

Merkin in a Winter Wonderland

9 souls braved Snowmaggedon to be warmed by the fellowship that naturally occurs when HIMs get together.  I mean, it's scientifically proven.  It's the stable genius that makes us wake up at 5:15, put on four layers, and traipse through snow and ice.  One might even call it talismanic. Also talismanic: that Ole Ripper has … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

Thirsty Thursday Pub Crawl

Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the digital emotional headlock. The Twitters were damn near frozen last week, but alas YHC and Riptide were able to talk FNG Ted into making his debut at BO (nickname to come in NMS). With that YHC set out to introduce him to Carpex’s flagship AO with a tour … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary, F3

40 Year-Old Virgin Q

June 2nd, 2017, YHC is having an early afternoon HH (I know you’re all shocked!) with a few old friends, when one of them says “Hey, what are you doing tomorrow morning?”. Of course, I was planning to do what I always do on Saturday mornings, sleep! This Saturday would be different. I woke up … Continue reading

Bradford's Ordinary

Legendary Mumblechatter

Q:  Captain Insane-o (KD Pax from F3 Louisville; YHC) Pax (21):  Term Paper (respect), Yoga Mat (respect), Theisman, Emeril, Disco Duck, Angry Elf, Riptide, Shut In, Chinese Downhill (respect), Picachu, WKRP, Hermès, Midget (for Life), Sliderule, Banana Seat, Burt (respect), Half, Calllahan, Highlighter, Cody (respect), CI Conditions:  36, nippy, clear.  Gear (for F3 Louisville Zoolander): … Continue reading