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Travelin’ Wilburys

Alright, listen up. Imabout tired of this early August weather IN OCTOBER. Be Fall already! Yes, I feel better now. Anyway, a great crowd of men assembled at the Mellinial Memorial Skate Park in the unseasonably warm and humid morning to get better. My guess is they did. Extra Credit: First person to tie a … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

Little of this, little of that

9/28/17 Rumors were amidst the PAX this morning that there had been some Q shopping to avoid another Benchmark day with YHC. Dismayed as they were, YHC decided to save for a later time, thanks to the beat down given by Shank and McCants on opening day for Full Metal Jacket., AKA The Murph. WARM-UP … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

BH Benchmark Day!

8/17/17 YHC decided that since no pounds have been shed in about 4 months, there has to be another way to measure my F3 fitness quotient.... WARM-UP On this fine August morning the 19 PAX headed west on Hunter St to the Bladestone Ct parking lot for a little stretching and warm-up. A few SSH, … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

Shoulders for Days, and Some Running Too

This marks YHC's second post at Bounty Hunters, excited to see the Q spot was open.  My first post here was Franklin's tour of downtown Apex.  Today would be less informative and less pleasant.  17 PAX gathered in the gloom of the Apex Skate Park, no FNG's, no site-Qs, so it was only appropriate that … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters, F3, Fitness

Back to School

BB 20 HIM joined YHC on a trip down memory lane--actually, it was down Hunter Street--to visit one of my favorite spots at BH. The gloom...the pull-up monkey bars...the long distance from the park...we're talking about Baucom Elementary School's back playground area. We journeyed there on one of my first posts at BH. Time to … Continue reading

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8/24/17 Bear Shoulders

YHC was a little stiff from the long run Trifecta the day before, so 18 crepuscular PAX shouldered the weight of some shoulder work by bear crawling on the shoulder of the road at Bounty Hunters this morning! The warmup: Run around the ball field, circle up in the parking lot for some typical warm … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

Traveling “Jack Webs”

The morning weather is perfect and 13 PAX all gather on time for another beatdown.  No FNGs so we head out and around the skate park and across the street (wait for the cars and then backwards run).  Circle-up behind the building for: Warm Up 10 Good Mornings 15 Side Straddle Hops 10 Cotton Pickers … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

Return to Hinton Hill

YHC and Parker managed to lock down the premier Carpex AO BH Q for VQ week. With that tremendous responsibility upon us we devised a Co-Q plan to bring the pain and bring the pain we did.  YHC sought a return to Hinton Hill, the scene of YHC’s first BH post and beat down. At … Continue reading