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Bounty Hunters

40 mins of Welcome to Hunter Street Skate Park

Date: 2/22/2018 Location: Bounty Hunters QIC: Parker PAX: 13 13 Pax gathered in the 63 deg downright balmy gloom on a late Feb morning for a promised reintroduction to the wonder that is Hunter Street Skate Park.  Since GTL and YHC took over site Q duties at BH a couple weeks ago YHC feels obligated … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters, Fitness

Bounty Hunter BLIMPS

It was a scorching 57 degrees this morning, perfectly timed for Tank Top Thursday.  YHC was the only participant, but appreciated Parker's good intentions this morning, only to realize that he doesn't own one.  I think he can fix that with some scissors by next week... 11 PAX ready to go, no FNGs, and we're … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

The Pax Will Not Be Silenced

16 loudmouths gathered at the gates of Apex Skate Park in hopes that their choice of Bounty Hunters (aka the AO not Q'd by Hi-Liter) would provide some welcome relief.  Of course, YHC, being a man of the people, took requests.  "Not too much running, no burpees, and few Merkins, if you don't mind McCants."  … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

The Apex Town Hall and Community Center Blues

Winter returned Thursday morning, but it was not enough to keep eight stallions in the fartsack. Warm-Up Mosey over to the town hall parking lot and circle up for side straddle hops, plank jacks, hillbillies and Sir Fazio. The Thang Mosey the long way over to the alley behind the community center and line up … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

Do, or do not. There is no Try.

Backstory:  Several weeks (months?) ago, the M and I were sitting at home on our usual Wednesday night date night when the ad for “The Last Jedi” came on TV.  A few clicks of the iPhone and I had tickets for opening night, 12/14.  Asked her if she wanted to go, “Not really”.  So, 3 … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

Tiny Black pellets forever

Atmosphere:  Damp and 40 degrees I noticed the gate open on the lacrosse field, so I immediately thought about revising my initial baseball field sprints, which could be sloppy (I know how you kids like it EXTRA schloppy).  Long story short, the field turf is like a sponge and we enjoyed sitting in the soak … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

WWW x 4

4th Q of the week and still going strong. Welcome FiA to Bounty Hunters this morning! 8 ladies strong! Warm-UP Jog to the grassy lawn in front of Town Hall 20 SHH 10 Cotton Pickers 20 Mountain Climbers 10 Merkins in cadence Head over to parking lot on other side of Town Hall. Burpee suicides. … Continue reading

Bounty Hunters

Shop Local

Granted, YHC hasn't been to Bounty Hunters in a while.  Typically it's "fartsack day" but of my most recent posts there the pax have left the park only to return to COT.  This set the scene for this morning's beatdown.  We were going to shop local. 12 studs rolled out of bed, some confessing as … Continue reading