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Crowdsourcing Fail

You may have noticed yesterday that YHC began taking requests for this morning's workout.  And you may have seen a couple of our brethren putting some requests in.  What you wouldn't have seen is almost any of those requestors actually post at A-Team this morning.  Instead, they either fartsacked, or Q'd at other sites.  To … Continue reading

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Mucho Beasto

I was about a hot minute away Sunday evening from texting Goose to see if he wanted to go to Kryptonite when Hot Spot's weekly Q summary came in. And guess what? There was my name for A-Team! You see, I knew that. I was just testing y'all to see YOU knew that. Yeah. yeah. … Continue reading

A-Team, Rolling Stone

3rd Annual Franklinaversary

On the last Monday in September in 2014, YHC was privileged to be an FNG at an A-Team workout. Today, YHC took the opportunity of his anniversary to repeat his inaugural F3 workout, this time as the Q, just as I did on the last Monday in September 2015 and 2016. Following the first time … Continue reading

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Rock on, A-team

Strong showing of 14 PAX at A-team on the launch day of another new Carpex AO.  I wasn't sure what kind of attendance to expect after all the hype surrounding the first day of Wolverine, but you can always count on allure of one of Carpex's original workouts.  No hype, no nonsense, not even a … Continue reading

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Kings of the Hill

8/28/17: 64 degrees, limited humidity, 29 men for a little hill work this AM. Flag planted at the gate. One FNG. Forgot my cape and boxing gloves. We are off to the ball field parking lot for a warm up. Warm Up GMs x 10 (you're welcome Nature Boy) SSHs x 52 Jog over to … Continue reading


A little while back…

8/7/17: YHC led 25 men on a glorious, clear morning at the Apex Community Park. As usual, the gate was close so the PAX began to gather on the sidewalk while Hopspot frantically searched for the morning's Q. Have no fear Hopspot, YHC was only stretching. 1 Minute warning goes out, no FNGs (insert frowning … Continue reading


Solar Eclipse!

Today is the day for the solar eclipse so I felt compelled to create a workout that was both challenging and fun, relating as much as I could to the special astrological day.  21 PAX gather in the humid, gloom day for the themed-event.  We take off down the road in a mosey imitating, the … Continue reading


Tortoises Comes To A-Team

The plan this morning was to bring a Tortoises style workout to A-team.  Limited running, unlimited pain.  So we moseyed to the first parking lot at the front of the park and stayed there for the entire workout. Warm Up Little Man Jumping Jacks x 15 Jukebox x 15 (created by and named for my … Continue reading

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The Dirty Dozen

In the gloom, 35 intrepid PAX (3 FNGs) gathered to discover what would happen in this week's first VQ.  YHC was celebrating completing 12 months of F3 goodness.   The group took off doing the Smokey Shuffle up the hill to warm-ups. Warm-ups (12 count each) -- SSH, Good Morning, Calf Stretch, Merkins, Mt. Climbers … Continue reading