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A-Team, F3, Fitness

Keep It Simple

You really only have two options when it's rainy, or cold, or gawd-awful hot and humid, or you're a little sore, or tired, or pick any of the excuses you've heard from sad clowns in your orbit: you can embrace the suck and press on, or you can cash it in.  Embracing the suck is … Continue reading

A-Team, F3

Who doesn’t love Costco?

Monday.  MLK Day.  Roughly 20 degrees.  Eager PAX huddled outside the park gates, awaiting the Q.  2 FNG's quietly took in the MC.  Disclaimer was presented and we are off. Warm Ups: Headed to the nearest parking lot on the left for warm up laps around the big pickle.  3 laps...Butt Kickers, High Knees, Mosey … Continue reading


Best Work Out of the Year (so far)

YHC pulled into the parking lot at Apex Community Park bracing for the cold, but as soon as I got out of the car my heart was warmed by the sight of so many of my brothers, smiling and excited to get after it despite the bitter temperature. Warm-Up Mosey over to the gravel parking … Continue reading


NOT 12 Days of A-Team

Since we're a week away from the Big Guy's birthday, YHC thinks we must have a Christmas theme.  However, like the music on the radio or the Apex street decorations, sometimes we just get burned out because Christmas starts too early.  So we kept it light, didn't overkill on the 12 days of Merkins, er … Continue reading


Rochambeau or Roshambo?

Hannibal, the leader of the A-Team, had his famous catch phrase, "I love it when a plan comes together."  Here's the thing when you're the QIC of A-Team:  you have to have a Plan A and a Plan B.  The Q's fate is held with Cheddar Bo.  And like Cousin Eddie, Cheddar Bo shows up … Continue reading

A-Team, Fitness

Constructing (and Deconstructing) BLIMPS

14 HIM gathered at the well-lighted Apex Nature Park to start their weeks off right. Started with a brief jog into one parking lot (where the PAX got a little confused as Hot Spot broke off from the group for his solo run through the woods) for the warmup (SSH, Good Mornings, Sir Fazio Arm … Continue reading


Anniversary Week aka WWW

Water Wings Week began on a clear, cool morning at the infamous A-Team AO. This roughly marks my One Year Anniversary, but since I couldn't remember the actual date, I'm Qing the whole week for prudence sake. 18 brave HIMs met at the gate while watching Mr Parks and Rec unlock the gate 2 minutes … Continue reading

A-Team, F3, Fitness

Freddie Wilt Would Be Proud

Pre-Pre-BB My 68 year old father just crushed six months of chemo and radiation. I cannot say THANK YOU enough to my brothers in F3. You faithfully prayed for dad and my family throughout his whole ordeal. Words fall short, but I'll use them anyway. I appreciate you all very, very much. In honor of … Continue reading