The Half Conspiracy!

QIC: Frisco
Date: 8/20/18
AO: Hells Bells
PAX: Crimson, Disco Duck, EarharT, Frisco, Hotty Toddy, Intimidator, Katniss, Monkey Nut, Pickles, Quiver, Sour Mash, Theismann, Traffic Cone

Word Count:  The length of time it takes Texas Ranger to run a mile


Theismann and YHC started ECP on the pull-up bars (more may have joined later). Needing to set up I only put in 25(ish). Theismann is a pull-up beast and actually did most of his pull-ups (pull downs?) from a headstand position on top of the bar. At one point, I looked and he was floating there upside down while he adjusted his gloves. Show-off! As I tried to leave he implored me to stay and knock out a few more sets. (He even sang a few bars of Bette Midlers’ Wind Beneath My Wings. Theismann is a pretty good singer so it took a bit of willpower to break away)

Warm Up:

YHC started strong and loud until Katniss noted that there were houses nearby with sleeping people. Unfortunately for him the M has been making me watch Toddlers and Tiaras so I instinctively channeled my inter-toddler pageant queen and doled out a quick face slap and then threw myself on the ground in a temper tantrum.

The PAX were looking at each other slightly concerned so I recovered and went back to Warm Ups at about 1/3 volume. But like the first day of prison the message had been sent.

A quick check: No FNGs and no Bruisers. So I tossed a bit of running back into the mix.

Good Mornings
Plank Jacks
Cherry Pickers
Sir Fazio Arm Circle Thingees

Mosey around the pickle with an extra suprise cutover loop to foil Katniss after he tried to outrun the Q.

The Thang 1: Conveyor Belt

Start of the belt 50 Monkey Humpers for each Humper (a little PAX grumbling got us 75). Belt rotates when Humpers are finished.

The stations were:

1) Dead Lifts (they looked easier online)
2) Goblet/Goblin Squats
3) Overhead Presses
4) KB Presses
5) KB Lunges
6) Monkey Humpers

Repeato in reverse to give those muscles a little extra burn

The Thang 2: Intro to ECP 101

Since I was short on ECP I elected for a quick mosey down to the pull-up bars and a request to Theismann to lead us through the 5-grip-50 (ReGular/Wide Grip, Left Hand Strong, Right Hand Strong, Close Grip, Chin Up).

5 reps of each of the 5 sets / assists as needed

Quick run back up to visit our KBs (I don’t remember there being a big hill at the beginning of that mosey down to the pull-up bars)

Mary with KBs:

We had time so each of the PAX got to call an exercise. YHC started us Homer to Marge followed by Pickles-led Pickle Pounders. I suddenly remembered the surrounding houses and how this must look after my screaming earlier.  So YHC so called on Hotty Toddy since I knew that at age 25 he would only know PG/PG-13 Mary’s.  Rest of the PAX then I made the mistake of calling on Monkey Nut for the last Mary. After he finished his grueling 3 part, 500 rep Mary there was no need to call Have a Nice Day as the PAX were just trying not to blow Merlot.


Quiver’s friend who had a quadruple by-pass. This was both a praise and a prayer as the alternative was much less appealing.

EarharT’s coworker who is waiting for health news.  The “closed over the weekend” scenario happens way too much.  (Like my step-father who the oncologist decided to postpone revealing the findings from Friday to Monday so that it wouldn’t “ruin my family’s weekend”…seriously?)

Some new hope for Disco and his M, the latter whom has some new aids to help her get better.

Prayer request for additional growth for YHC with his wife and praises for HIMs like Disco who are keeping me accountable daily on that front. Since I’ve started F3 my M has smiled more in the last few months than she has in the last 5 years. It’s good to have her laugh back in the house (thanks also to Callahan for the book). Sad that after 13 years I could probably write on two (wide ruled) pages the times I’ve done something to show I am paying attention and really know who she is. But stronger every day…

Apologies if I missed anyone’s prayer or praises.


Most will be covered in the other BBs but the Q school is near and dear to my heart. I want to encourage all of you HIMs who haven’t Q-ed yet to jump in with both feet (at VQ week and after). It can be scary but this is a highly supportive group and every Q brings something special.

Remember to reach out to I/R guys you know or EH new guys who may be struggling with weight issues to post at the traveling Bruiser AOs. Those AOs are also good places to get your own feet wet as Q since they are high impact but non/light running and if you need to you can call on the seasoned PAX to pick up an exercise while you mentally / physically regroup.


YHC took us out with a prayer. I asked God to help us all be better fathers, husbands and sons and daughters (yes, I said ‘daughters’). Luckily, God knows the words of our hearts as well as hears the ones from our mouths.

As always I feel lucky and thankful that Sooey EH-ed me into this group of HIMs. You never realize how much you’re starving until you find your way to the table and start to eat.

Still a lot for this Q to learn (looking forward to Q school!!) “Recover” seems to be important for some reason. 🙂

It was great to see Quiver and Katniss making the trip to HB. I love posting with those guys. Quiver always has a joke ready and Katniss is just one of those HIMs who quietly (mostly quietly) inspires others with his strength of character. They have solidified my decision to post outside of my normal AOs in the weeks 2.0 is tracked out.

Great to run into Banjo at Starbucks and catch up for a few minutes. That guy is a true HIM. Not to sound like a fan boy here but for personal reasons I have always felt a kinship to people who have been close enough to rock bottom to touch it and somehow fought their way back up to standing. For a long, long time anger was my fuel and I wasted a lot of time fighting battles that didn’t need to be fought. Banjo fights with love which seems odd until you think about it. Every man who can be helped to “find his lane” is one less screaming into the wind and one more taking care of the ones he loves and the place he lives.  Am I my brothers’ keeper? Yes. I. am.

Also, I discovered Half’s ‘perfect hair’ secret. He is sucking our life energy! How many PAX left Kryptonite today feeling exhausted? Were you tired or are you a little paler and a little more bald? How many times have we heard him egg the Q onto crush the PAX yet he seems STRONGER the worse it gets!?! Want proof? Squatter is 28 years old and look at what posting with Half has done to him!! Beware…

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