Shakin Not Stirred, Virgin Q


After returning home from the Oak City Recovery Run Club block party on Tuesday night, I sat with the M watching the Bachelor Winter Games (because I suppose that’s more entertaining than the quadrennial actual winter games), looking at a map of Bond Park, and perusing the exicon and this fine F3 nation page.

It was a 2 hour show. We are diehard Bachelor fans (cc: @AndrewPass and @AP013 on Twitter). We barely made it through 45 minutes. Maybe this F3 thing is finally bringing about a change in my life…. or maybe it was just terrible television. We did manage to flip over to the Olympic coverage in time to see Shaun White’s gold medal run. What a stud.

A few tippity taps in my Sticky Notes on my work laptop and boom. Ready for year-in-the-making VQ. Or how about my VVQ – not very often that this momentus occasion in a PAX’s life occurs on Valentine’s Day itself. And to think I was already a sentimental man…

Rolled up to Bond Park just in time to pass the last of the Maynerds rolling out *t-claps* and embark on a quick walkthrough. Everything was pretty well lit and dry.

After a quick FNG check and general disclaimer, here we go!

14 SSH / 14 GM / 14 SFAC *HOLD IT* 14 rSFAC *HOLD IT* 20 OC (i definitely spaced out and lost the count on this one) / 14 Merkins

Thang 1
Partner Up, Size Matters
Partner Carry, stop at each light post, each partner does 7 LBCs
Flip flop, repeato for 14 light posts to the end of Metro Park Drive
Plank Hold. Water Wings 10 count, Khakis 10 count

Follow me down to the Field 1 parking lot
Squat Hold
That’s enough on Valentine’s Day… let’s turn our eyes to the 40 days of Lent kicking off today

Thang 2
10 burpees
running lap
10 burpees
lungewalk lap…audible to half lap…this is a big pickle
10 burpees
bearcrawl half lap
10 burpees
recover… 3 burpees OYO to pick up the 6

Follow me past Fields 3 and 4 back to the Buehler shelter

Mini-Thang 3
A quick reminder to die to self as Lent begins
10 Dips
10 Erkins
10 Derkins

Mosey over to the kiosk for a plank hold, Angry Elf 10 count

bear crawl up the grassy hill

mosey back to the flag, with some true HIM unable to resist the call for a billy run


COR – 10 Mayners / 4 Vesperians / 18 SnS
NOR – 6 Respects, 27 Mehs, 1 Hate

Crotch Rocket leading the charge to the DC Leap. Other Leap opportunities incoming (KC is at risk of dropping off the list…)
Rolling Stone hits BO tomorrow
F3 Dads this Saturday. Possible Q opportunity!

Disco’s M… answered later in the day. PTL
Saban’s friend’s M Lisa in the ICU
Praises for our Ms on a fine Valentine’s Morning

YHC took us out.

What a day, my brothers. I was overwhelmed going around the circle in the name-o-rama reflecting on all of your Qs that I’ve been a part of over the last year. My body hasn’t changed too drastically, but my soul has been fed in a way that I’ve been missing since I moved here in 2010. I appreciate all of you and the way you bring it every morning.

T-claps to Water Wings for bringing me out a year ago. I think he only asked twice, but this HIM made significant arrangements to get me out for my 3rd ever post… which was the Mule… which sold me on F3 for life.

T-claps to my brothers Disco Duck and Term Paper supporting me today. I’ve appreciated the chance to run and post with you guys over the last few weeks. Your encouragements and pacings have given me the confidence to step out and embark on the Carpex Challenge.

T-claps to Pet Sounds for carrying my 210lb self 7 times in the first 15 minutes of the workout.

Until next time… which is next Thursday at BO. I’m trying to sneak in as many diverse posts and Qs (at the modest pace of 1 per week) as possible before our 2.1 comes along (March 16th is swiftly approaching). There might be cancellations, there might be some additions, but there will definitely be beatdowns.

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