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Spring has sprung?

YHC decided that he needed to stretch the legs a little Sunday afternoon (2/11/18).  2.0 Zip Drive’s been laying around goofing off all weekend.  “Let’s go for a run” I said on the way home from Church.

“OK” the mumbled reply.

About 1 I decided 2 would be our launch time.  Quick blast on Slack and drummed up some business.  Banjo and JigglyPuff dusted off their kicks for a rare daylight tour of Insomnia and Vesper routes.  We mixed it up a little with some bushwhacking, an AYG up High House Hill, and then rounded it out with an official COT at the end.

Depending on your subgroup, 4.5 to 5.3 miles covered.


JP’s F3Versary at SNS Wednesday.  Banjo’s 4-year F3Versary at BO Thursday.  The Mule April 10th.

Prayers: JP’s M and inbound 2.0, pray all is well with development.

NMS: Sometimes it’s the unplanned that nets the best result.  Sometimes not.  Today, we went with the flow and created a route that appealed to all.  Some greenway, some sidewalk, some trail, some woods, a little bit of everything.  Let’s do more stuff like that.

OM out.


strava link

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