Flirtin' With Disaster


Inspired by the recent Octothreat discussions and workouts in both Carpex and Louisville, YHC presents the Decathreat.  It’s like the Octothreat, but two more.  Why jump right over one more to two more?  Because two more is one more than one more, and one more would be called “nonathreat”, which sounds way too much like “not a threat”.


Mosey over to the parking lot in front of the shelter and circle up for 10 x 10

Side straddle hops


Cotton pickers

Plank jacks

Sir Fazio forwards

Sir Fazio backwards

Imperial walkers

Copperhead merkins

Copperhead squats

Little man jumping jacks

The Thang

Threat 1 – derkins at the big balls

Threat 2 – ALRSUs at the shelter

Threat 3 – copperhead merkins on the way to the bridge

Threat 4 – BTTW ten count down the line at the bridge

Threat 5 – copperhead squats on the way to the shelter

Threat 6 – copperhead dips at the shelter

Threat 7 – bear crawls at the basketball court

Threat 8 – Indian run around the parking lot

Threat 9 – star jumps at the basketball court

Threat 8 (reprise) – Indian run around the parking lot

Threat 10 – burpees at the basketball court


Around the horn for 10 reps of 10 exercises from 10 PAX.


Count-a-rama:  16
Name-a-rama:  4 RESPECTs, 12 mehs, 0 HATEs
Prayers / Praises:  Continued prayers for my M, prayers for Shut-in’s friend who was recently burned in a fire
BOM:  YHC took us out


Check out the big brain on Hermes.  It only took nine warm-up exercises before he cracked the 10 x 10 code.

Mumble chatter as we left the bridge “We came all the way over here just to do BTTW?  We could’ve done that at the shelter.”  Yes, but no one would have seen us.

If you’re not familiar with the copperhead method, it’s down slowly on one-two-three and up quickly on four.  YHC was asked what that has to do with Decathreat.  Nothing, except they’re both awesome.

The Indian run was supposed to be up the Cary Parkway hill, but alas there was not enough time.

Hermes does Indian runs backwards, because of course he does.

Mumble chatter as we finished with burpees “You’ve come a long way, Disco.  I liked you better back then.”  Me too, Term Paper.  Me too.

Speaking of TP this was Day 2 of 5 of him wearing the Breath Taker.  He’s looking for someone to pass it off to next week.  Not it.

Callahan called me Disco Deck.  I want to make fun of him for coming up with something so cheesy, but I’m still kicking myself for not thinking of it first.  Can’t wait for his blog.

Chipper brought cupcakes leftover from his birthday yesterday.  Time for a Respect Q.

Thanks to my brothers for lifting me up and letting me lead today.

2 thoughts on “DECATHREAT

  1. I’m shocked you forgot to mention the illest of all the stunts you pulled this morning…just as all the PAX were getting used to the 10-counts of everything, you go and pull a fast one and whip out the DOUBLE DECA count. T’was amazing. I wish everyone could have been there for that. I won’t speak for anyone else, but my life was changed this morning.


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