F3, Fitness, Vesper

My Infinity Loop is Bigger Than Yours

When Disco Duck’s call went out to the PAX due to a sparsely populated Q Sheet, YHC jumped in on a couple, including today’s Vesper.  Yesterday’s FOD-a-ganza Qed by Shut-E inspired my route selection for today, only the Vesper crowd wants a little more than a quarter mile shindig I’m told.  You can see the details in the images below, including the fact that Coney pushed me for a sub-8-minute mile in the last 1.25 miles (the pick-it-up-pace).  RESPECT, Coney!  By the way, anyone else find themselves working really hard to not call him Comey?  It was great fellowship and a great workout.  Especially the part where we ran past Frey Daddy and Ma Bell at the 3-minute mark, making them a good 5 minutes late for Frey’s guest Q.  Time was, Ma would drop some penalty burpees on tardy PAX.  Well, we’re keeping Carpex weird, if not punctual.  Until next time.

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