It’s like 11’s but with harder math

It was a beautiful morning at Sovereign Grace Church.  The pre-beatdown discussion included questions about appropriate attire for the weather.  Shorts or long pants?  T-shirts or long sleeves?  Turns out the conditions were perfect no matter how we dressed.  Let’s get after it!


Mosey around the front parking lot and circle up for side straddle hops, hillbillies, cotton pickers, Sir Fazios forwards and backwards, and burpees.  It’s Tortoises and I’m the Q, you know you’re getting burpees.

The Thang

Mosey over to the store front across the street and grab some rail for 10 Australian pull-ups.  Next up is ten irkens, but about halfway through YHC noticed the railings were not as stable as I’d like.  The plan was to repeat these two exercises as we descended from ten to one.  But better safe than sorry, so let’s cut this short.

Mosey over to the hill for 22’s.  It’s like 11’s but with harder math.  Run to the bottom of the hill for 21 merkins, run back up for one squat.  Repeato decreasing the number of merkins by four and increasing the number of squats by four each trip, always adding up to 22.  21-1, 17-5, 13-9, 9-13, 5-17, 1-21.

Mosey over to the picnic tables for 22 counts of dips, alternating left-right step-ups, irkins, alternating left-right step-ups, and derkins.

Mosey back over to the hill for 22’s with star jumps at the bottom and dying cock-a-roaches at the top.

Mosey back to the picnic tables for another 22 counts of dips, alternating left-right step-ups, irkins, alternating left-right step-ups, and derkins.


Circle up next to the flag and go around the horn, unfortunately running out of time before YHC could call burpees again.


Count-a-rama:  13
Name-a-rama:  5 RESPECTs, 8 mehs, 0 HATEs
Prayers / Praises:  Praises for Yogi starting his new job next week, praises for Spartan’s M recovering from shoulder surgery and being cleared to drive, prayers for all suffering from the flu (including WWW’s daughter’s friend and our own Leprechaun), prayers for YHC’s M as she continues to deal with unexplained neuropathy, prayers for patience and wisdom for YHC as I support her
BOM:  YHC took us out


A big thank you to Yogi for starting this AO and keeping it going in those cold early days when he was the only one showing up.  As the only limited running workout in the region it serves an important purpose.  Sometimes when we’re dealing with injury or illness, or we’re just starting to work out for the first time in a while, we can’t quite handle the running in a standard boot camp workout.  Tortoises can be that first step for us.  When I started posting again last year after a long layoff I couldn’t run twenty feet without losing my breath, this workout kept me coming back.

Yogi is no longer the site Q, but it’s in good hands.  Crimson and WWW are two of the highest High Impact Men in Carpex.

Thank you for letting me lead this group of amazing men this morning.


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