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What the heck is an Octothreat

As the Twitterserve would have it, YHC and some of the fellas including Captain Insano got into a deep-cut thread over the weekend and thus was born the “Octothreat.” With the pressure of the entire F3 Nation, YHC set out to embark the PAX on the first-ever Octothreat.

But first, another solid showing at Insomnia. YHC was looking for the easy way out before the Q on this morn, but the peer pressure pushed YHC into the 0505 start time (sorry to Angry Elf who showed up like a HIM at 0520 for recon). Great run, boys!

Post-insomnia, a sizeable group of PAX formed in the lot; the Vesper boys roll out, the Rolling Stone boys get the ruck on with it, and YHC lead the SNS PAX out.


  • Butt kickers, high knees and karaoke over to the community center lot for:
    • Good morning x8
    • Sir Fazio front x8
    • Sir Fazio back x8
    • SSH (Nature Boy style) x8
    • To the curb for quick feet x8 and merkin x8 – 3 rounds

Thang 1:

  • Down to the kiosk at Carpex Stadium. With Burt and Nature Boy here this morning, YHC was inclined to roll the DICE:
    • Donkey Kicks x8
    • Imperial Walkers x8
    • Carolina Dry Docks x8
    • Engligh Get Ups (Turkish with the pinky out) x8
    • A pair of DICE needs 2, so Repeato
  • At the Kiosk the real Octothreat goes down. 8 laps up and down the hill.
    • Merkins at the bottom and Prison Jump Squat Burpees at the top, from 1 up to 8, for the total of 8 laps.
  • The blue moon (no fruit) had Carpex Stadium well-lit so it’s out to the middle for a round of Bull in the Burpee Ring. Winners stay in the circle and losers take a lap.
  • Bear crawl the hill because some PAX said “we’re not supposed to run on the hill,” and mosey to the rock pile at the community center.

Thang 2: Grab a rock:

  • Curls x 10
  • 1 Prison Jump Squat Burpee (PSJB)
  • Tricep x 10
  • 2 PJSB
  • Press x 10
  • 3 PJSB
  • Rock row x10
  • 4 PJSB… repeato to get the PAX to 8 PJSB


  • Indian run back to the top of the street and an all you got to meet the Vesper/Ruck PAX at the flag
  • On your six for a high tempo:
    • LBC x8
    • WWII x8
    • Freddy Murcs x8
    • Dying Cockroach x8
    • Brady to Gissell x8
    • Plank hold to finish up


  • I almost bailed on Insomnia thinking some lame excuse about making sure I had enough for the fellas on the Q. Bump that! Thanks Callie for the EH.
  • Tclaps to a pair of HIM, Saban and (cough cough) Angy Elf for pushing through a few tight spots and injuries. Great work men.
  • Tclaps to Hermes for making sure our brother Tubeless crushed Insomnia and got home safe. HIM stuff, for sure.
  • Krispey Kreme guys, hope the donuts at the end were a nice teaser for what’s to come…
  • Prayers for Kelly Deese (Duck’s M) and Missy (Grease Monkey’s Mom), healing hands for both.
  • God Bless, men. You make me stronger, daily, and I’m grateful.
  • Go attack the day with an enthusiasm unknown to man.

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