Ring of Testudines Fire

Pax of 5 gathered on chilly 23 degree morn. No FNGs

Warm Up

Parking lot lap

SSH x 15

IW x 15

GM x 10

Merkins, Plank jacks, MC x 10

squat ladder pausing on 5’s


The Thang

4 corners Captain Thor

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 BBSUs

2 to ratio Hammers

Alternate bear crawl and mozy between corners


Repeato with Jack Webbs


5-man rotation

4 PAX exercise, one runs a lap, then rotate exercises and perform OYO

Merkins, SSH, Burpees, Air Squats

Repeat until all have run 3 times


Ikrins, Derkins and Dips IC x 5, x10, x5

Squat ladder pausing to 5, 10, 15, 20. Hold it at each rung

Ring of Fire with 10 merkins, followed by 5 merkins, followed by Low Plank Hold



LBCs IC x 25

LSF IC x 10

Homer to Marge IC x 24



Spartan drumming up interest for The Spartan in Fayetteville in May.

Sign up for 2018 CARPEx Challenge even if you don’t think you can complete it

Mule sometime in March

Congrats to new site Q’s Crimson and WWW



Disco Duck’s M

Spartan’s M

Crimson’s family on loss of 4 legged family member near and dear to him and his M

Those affected by violence



YHC hadn’t Q’ed this year and with the 2018 Challenge announced, it was time to get in gear. Threw out open invitation to pick up a slot this week and was pleased to have Crimson take me up on the offer and get me signed up to lead Tortoises.

Small crowd today, but the energy level was high and it was a lot of fund to lead the group.

Crimson was hard selling the option of moving the AO to Waffle House. Twas tempting, but not on my watch.

Thanks @Ma Bell for the 4 corners Thors and Webbs idea. Thought the likelihood of a having a repeat PAX from Kryptonite was very low, but Squatter proved me wrong.

Great to see Spartan and WWW.

Always an honor and a privilege.




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