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Bloody Super Blue Mother Ruckers

Last week at Flying Circus, Biner was giddy with excitement over the arrival of a new ruck.  Where to break it in?  Camelot?  Nah, ’tis a silly place.  4 PAX decided to oblige him at SNS.  We couldn’t have picked a better morning for it: clear skies, a giant full moon turning to red as the Earth’s shadow passed over…oh, and a balmy 17F of chill in your face.  Somehow, hauling 35# through the gloom, mixing in some PT, and I’m pretty sure none of us noticed the chill.

YHC arrived with a coupon to share, no PoPo so we were a GoGo at 0530.  TClaps to the Insomnia crew which has grown to about 623 PAX, estimating by the number of cars in the lot.

Leg 1 – Out to High House, up to the second Bond entrance, down to LazyDaze, passing the coupon around.  YHC loves nothing more than a playground with a ruck.  Partner up for 4 rounds of 3x full extension pull-ups per PAX (assisted as needed).  While 2 PAX are on the pull-ups, the other two are performing:

Round 1-merkins and coupon raises.  Flapjack for Round 2

Rounds 3 and 4-Coupon truck drivers and planks (regular–>Crucifix–>regular–>extended)

Leg 2 – Down to Buehler and back up to the kiosk where we found the SNS crew doing some really weird exercises.  So, of course we joined in.

From there, we headed along the dam trail where Parker slipped on some dam ice.  It’s a good thing he had the dam coupon to break his dam  fall.  You’re dam welcome, Parker.  For all you asking why Wake County cancels school at the mere suggestion of cold weather, ask Parker.  YHC intended to follow the Crabtree Creek Trail out to Cary Pkwy and back around, which seemed relatively short the last time I went that way…for Insomnia…when you run.  It took Katniss and YHC a little too long to realize it seemed longer because we were walking…with weight.  Anyway, by the time we hit Cary Pkwy, it was 0612 and we still had a ways to go (see map).  Thankfully, that’s why the good Lord invented double-time.  Dropping our mile time from 20minutes to 13minutes was sufficient to arrive back just in time for COT.  For the rest of the deets, check out the images.

Hello Kitty had it from there.  Good rucking, men.  Hope to see some more of you out there next time.

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