F3, Fitness, Hell's Bells

Mucho Muscle Monday…………………Hells Bells


Apex’s newest workout did not disappoint this morning. It was raining, but 7 great PAX came out to start the week off right. Pleasure Qing this morning. Everyone needs to try this workout, new kind of sore. 🙂 Had to announce that Crimson can drive as well. I saw it this morning. No Sooey, but we had the honor of having Crimson. I think that Red Ryder is close to forgiving me for selecting the rock on Friday so that is a positive sign. The guys killed it this morning. Fun times.

Crew: Crimson, EarharTTTTTTT, 3 Dubs, Red Ryder, Disco Duck, Monkey Nut as the Q.

The Warmup (YHC)

Run down to the turn around circle, some SSH, Cotton Pickers. Time to get to work.

The Thang 1 (YHC)

Rotate around the tables with curls, triceps extensions, squat press, goblet squats, KB swings and around the world. One station is taking two 45 lb. bells farmers carry to the tennis court and run back. Rinse and repeat. When complete with a circuit, all PAX run to circle and back. Half way, community dirkins in cadence (10), then some community curls (10 IC). Take a final run and then back for some Mary. Keep the bells close and run some LBC’s,  press  with Freddy mercury and finally it’s America so some MERKINS to let Monday know we start the day right.




Prayers for Disco for his wife to find out what is causing the pain and for Crimson. Crimson lost a fur baby  (I believe 14 years in his house). Pets are hard to loose. Prayers for him / his family.

Great time everyone. See you in the Gloom


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