Shakin Not Stirred

No snow, no truck

27 men didn’t care what the weather man said.  Snow?  Blinding, blizzard like Cary-closing snow?  No HIM cares about that.  No such weather can slow an F3 man down.  Now, having your Optimus Prime truck stolen out of your driveway, that can keep you from a workout.  I’ve seen plenty of PAX dressed like ninjas lately, which is about what it would take to steal said Optimus Prime truck out of your driveway.  So maybe that is where Parker, Smokey, or the other ninja looking PAX were this morning.  That’s poor form if so.  Don’t go ninja-in’ nobody that don’t need no ninja-in’.  And ole Rip don’t need no ninja-in’.  He just needs his truck back.

Well, YHC can tell you it’s not in Bond Park.  Because we looked.  We looked while running (forwards and backwards).  We looked while bear crawling.  We looked while freddy mercurying.  burpeeing, supermanning, during Dora (burpees, squats, FMs), during table dead lifts, and derkins, while gorilla walking, even during the Billy run.  We found about as much as those guys combing the desert in Spaceballs.  We didn’t find shit.  Sorry Rip.  Hopefully the police have a team of crack detectives working in shifts.  This aggression will not stand, man.

Stay warm out there.



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