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It was high time that EVERYBODY at a CarPex AO ALL spelled MERLOT on the same workout. YHC was determined to make that happen today. And so it did.


6 highly committed, highly motivated men spelled MERLOT at Wolverine on a nippy January morning.

The Warmup

– Pledge of Allegiance at the flag
– Run to the north field, far corner
– SSHs, Good Mornings, St. Merkins, Sir Fazio+OH Claps, Penalty Burpees, Hillbillies, LBCs
– Run to the rock pile, grab a “one hand” rock
– Run to the shelter with the rock over your head

The Thang

– Time to spell MERLOT…perform 50 of each of the following with a lap around the pickle after each:
M – Merkins (other than standard)
E – Elf on the Shelf with your rock (L/R is one)
R – Red Bull Smurf Jacks IC
L – Lunge Jumps (L/R is one)
O – One-Legged Burbees
T – Turkish Get Ups with your rock

– Replace your rock, Bear Crawl to the flag


– Oh yeah…thanks, Pierogi…let’s do a few Wolverines for posterity.


– ALL 6 men gather for coffee

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