Shield Lock, Tortoises

The Darby Project

Date: 01/10/18
QIC: Darby [South Wake]
Site: Tortoises
PAX: Yogi, Ascot, Theisman, M4L, Banjo, Crimson, Pickles, CK, AirHeart, Dog Pound, Sooey, Disco Duck, WWW, Draper, Spartan, R2D2, Ugga, Cherry Garcia, DeadBolt, Darby
For our Wednesday version of the CarPex/Southwake Q-swap, we “limited” our running to Shuttle Sprints and Agility work. We started on cones and ladder drills, moving into shuttle sprints. In between each group of 5 shuttles, we did merkins, flutterkicks, WWIIs, Burpees,  mountain climbers, and something Theisman called. We ended Mary with American Hammers.
COT: Prayers for family going into surgery, South Wake’s Crablegs battling ALS.
Announcements: Upcoming CSAUPs, F3 Chatham The Gambler Mar 3, Churham The Mule Mar 10, South Wake The Crawl [Rucking Pub Crawl]. BRR info session tonight at Dohertys in Apex.
Welcome FNG UGGA, father to R2D2
Darby took us out

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