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QSwap @ Flirting With Disaster – or – Slide Rules Goes to Carpex!


For those who don’t know, Carpex is world region locally renowned for their Mumble Chatter.  Also, the last time I Q’d in #SouthWake, the neighborhood FB / community running pages lit up with complaints about that “infernal loud counting” by F3 (aka YHC).  Seems like a match made in heaven.  Let’s make some NOISE boys!

Background Pt 2:

YHC arrived a little early to find PetSounds standing in the parking lot…in dockers and an argyle sweater. I know #Louisville has a “What did you wear” section in their Backblasts… I was not prepared for this level of commitment (His flight got cancelled…so naturally he just showed up to post!)

Background Pt 3: 

The #MissionField clown car from 12 Oaks met the previous night to hash through the workout. We thought we had convinced the bartender to join us in the gloom.  We were wrong.  Can we get partial credit for trying to EH the staff at Mason Jar?  There’s a chance he was just being friendly for tips.  I’ve heard bartenders do that.

Ok, let’s do this thing.

Warm Up: 

29 Men got together in balmy 30 degree weather. Once temperatures that warranted a fartsack, this is a daggone heat wave and YHC contemplated eschewing long pants.


Oh wait, more background. One of #SouthWake’s finest, Pikachu, managed to break/sprain/tear/hurt his foot a few weeks ago and isn’t allowed to run for a couple weeks.  But, he still posts!  So, that means any running involves a partner carry.  Also, to be supportive…

1-legged SSH x 15 each leg

1-legged “Blue Devils” x10 each leg.

What’s a “Blue Devil” you might ask? Well, it’s a Bobby Hurley, but more true to Duke’s … ethos.  So, slap the floor, take a jumper, and FLOP (WWII).  Basically, a squat jump alternating with a Turkish getup.

However, around rep 7 or 8 of the second leg, YHC experienced something never before seen in his Q’ing. The Pax was just…standing there.  YHC was still calling out “Down; Up; Down”, but the Q was an island.

Guess F3’s not for everyone.

Let’s do

The Thang 

Mosey to The Bridge (TClaps for all those who carried Pikachu the ½ mile). For those who have never experienced FWD, it’s pretty cool to work on the pedestrian bridge over Rt 1.  Doing BTTW or Squats or Merkins overlooking traffic is pretty neat.  Thus …


BTTW…walking on our hands to middle of bridge.  Indian run from the back to get temp relief.


Partner Leg Press (Pax 1 lays on ground; Pax 2 leans against feet; Pax 1 leg presses Pax 2) x 10; 3 rounds each


“Australian Clipboards” What’s an Australian Clipboard?  Great question!  Pax 1 & 2 link arms using a “boy scout” carry.  Each man grabs his own left wrist with his right hand.  Then, grab partner’s right wrist with left hand.  This forms a linked square that’s quite stable.  Pax 3 lays on his back, then reaches up and does a hanging row (Australian) from the linked square.  Pax 1 & 2 form the clipboards as they’re simply there to watch.


“Nutcracker Merkins” Seriously, maybe I should have tried to use a workout everyone knew…but what’s the fun in that.  Pax 1 lays on his back and puts arms in air.  Pax 2 does a Derkin from those waiting arms.  Pretty sure the Carpex crew enjoyed getting up close and personal with their partner’s nuts.  #NotThatThere’sAnythingWrongWithThat


1 Legged Wheelbarrow to end of bridge.  Cause, you know, Pikachu.  PS, these suck.  Mosey down ramp


Backwards Partner Carry up ramp

Mosey back towards home base.

Stop halfway for more & to let Pikachu’s Chariots catch up.


Guantanamo – Pax forms a line, feet elevated.  End of line runs down, pushing feet to ground.  Some of the Pax took this as an invitation to deliver a love tap, barely touching toes.  Which, whatever, you do you.

Back to parking lot, where YHC was informed FWD LOVES their big balls. That called for 2 rounds of

Chest / Arms

Irkins / Derkins / Dips x 10

Finally, head to Mary

Core / Legs

Gorilla Crawl sideways CW/CCW/CCW/CW

Monkey Humpers 

And, the piece de resistance…


PICKLE POUNDERS x10.  Oh wait, Pikachu’s only got 1 leg, so let’s do 1 Legged x10 for each leg as well.


Fundraising off the charts. I’m blown away.  Over $80K if I heard right??? (I was a bit delirious by this point).

Keep prayers for CrabLegs. Shirt orders / donation site is available, proceeds going to ALS research.

YHC took us out in prayer, thoughts to Numbers 10 : The presence of the Lord was with them by day and by night … (1 verse later) … And they complained to the Lord. We are blessed and God is with us; are we aware and thankful?

2 thoughts on “QSwap @ Flirting With Disaster – or – Slide Rules Goes to Carpex!

  1. I’m sure someone was missed, but Tclaps to Emeril, Banana Seat, Ollie, Disco Duck, MFL, Denali, and at least on other for carrying Picachu to the bridge and back.

    Excellent Q. Nice attempt at trying to reign in the MC. As coined by an esteemed guest Q from Ky, CI, “Everyone should Q Carpex. If you can focus through the MC, great, time to focus on getting better somewhere else. If you can’t, then you have learned something about where to focus.” The other option, take the Pax over a streaming flow of traffic and nothing else is heard but Sliderule, who is quite pleased with the high decibel level of his voice.


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