ICEing on the cake

Day 2 of YHC’s b-day Q-stravaganza…36F at 0511 in greater Apex…woo hoo, a day above freezing!

Or not.

Commute across the border to Brooks Park, and what’s this, but leftover SN/ICE all over the place.  Flashback to yesterday’s Kryptonite.  ENOUGH with the snow already!  36 at my house, 31 at the AO, meant a nice glaze of black ice was starting to appear, just in time for the PAX to arrive.  Lovely.

Decided to do a drive-through of the AO and see what other surprises there might be.  Cruise up to the Big Lot, around, looked pretty clear.  As I made my way back to the starting lot, I saw ALIENS!  Four of ’em, flying low with all kinds of wild lights.  Oh wait, that’s Ma Bell and his crew of EC’ers.  And Sky Blue and PBX importing the FOD flag.  And PBX is in short sleeves and shorts.  Strong work fellas, strong work.

Anyhow, there’s Nature Boy straddling 3 spaces in his Natureboymobile, like he owns the place.  0545, no FNGs, let’s go.


A gentle jog around the pickle (Hi, Knees; regular; carioca right, backwards, carioca left, butt kickers) and return to the flags for…

Pledge of Allegiance, in cadence

Then let’s circle up around Nature Boy’s rig for, yep Ma Bell, Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

Alright, for real, let the games begin

  • SSH x 45 IC, with a bunch of ’em Nature Boy style!
  • Std Merkins x 15 IC
  • Plank Jacks x 15 IC
  • Good Mornings x 15 IC
  • IW x 15 IC

Time to move again, slippin’ and slidin’ up to the Big Lot.  YHC was going to force us to do Abbey Roads at each road crossing, but the threat of black ice was high, so Omaha.

First Round

  • Circle up for a Merkin Wave circle…5 Merkins while the PAX plank, rotating around the circle CCW, then CW

Now for some fun (nod to @riptidef3 or Largemouth, can’t remember who).

  • Big Lots – lunge walk the medians, bear crawl the gaps, run up the side, repeato across the top but backwards.  Walk lunge the medians, crawl bear the gaps.  Near the end we added in some inchworms til we were cooked.  Jog back down to the start and squat it out.

Count off into 1s and 2s, 1s follow Kilmer, 2s follow Katniss.

Skated and slipped and slid and scooted down to the Rockpile.  Along the way YHC counted 3 Respects with us today, thus we’d be doing 3 rounds of the next exercise.

Second Round

  • 1s are gonna run the loop, 2s are gonna do Rock Wolverines, flapjack 3x (around your rock, right hand on your rock, left hand on your rock)

The 1s came back from their first lap with a stern warning to put it in 4 low around the horn.  Nantan himself said it was a might treacherous.  We got in 3 good flapjacks of that, put our rocks back, and moseyed up to the shelter.

Third Round

  • Tabletop derkins x 15 OMD
  • ALRSU x 15 IC
  • Tabletop Irkins x 15 OMD
  • Repeato, but 2nd time the OMDs had a nice pause


Back over at the shovelflags (yep, Insomnia/Vesper came along with YHC) for:

  • Quick round of boat/canoe x 15ish
  • Freddy Mercury x 15 IC
  • Have a Nice Day

7 Mehs, 3 Respects, 4 for an EC run in, 4 for an EC run out, one who was going for coffeeteria but didn’t (got it on the way to work).


None to speak of other than go support the Q Swap week as you see fit!


Offer one up for healing for Kilmer, who was/is sick and posted anyway.


Very happy to share the start of my 45th birthday with these gents.  With the Q Swap going on, attendance was down a fair bit for Field of Dreams.  FOD is a great site, with a lot of real estate.  However, YHC wasn’t prepared for 40% of the PAX to have already covered nearly 2 miles before they got there.  So, we scaled the running down just a little bit, on the fly, coming in just under 2 miles.  Even then, the commute from small lot to the Big Lot is a bit of a haul.

YHC took us out in fumbling fashion.  Quiet bunch this morning, I think we were all concerned of slip/fall issues.