Hell's Bells

Hell’s Bell’s is Official!

  • When: January 8, 2018
  • QIC: Earhart
  • The PAX: Crimson, Sooey, Sour Mash, Freebird, Monkey Nut, YHC Earhart

It’s official, the newest AO in the CARPEX family has launched, the kettlebell workout known as Hell’s Bell’s.  5 PAX gather in the cool gloom, not as cold as this weekend, we wait on Crimson to get his brace on, then head-out to our usual circle for:

Warm Up

Good mornings

Side Straddle Hops

Cotton Pickers

Sir Fazio Arm Thingies

Overhead Claps

The Thang

Done with the warm-up, we head back to where we had gathered our kettlebells to begin the impact workout.  YHC takes two of the smaller weights and puts them to the side while distributing the 25lb bells around in a circle.  One of the HIM is going to farmer carry the two weights down to the first median and back while the other PAX perform the various exercises called by the PAX.  First round included:

Kettlebell swings, OYO

Curls in cadence

Lawn Mowers, on the up

Goblet Squats on the down

Tri-cep Extensions, in cadence

We then mosey to the circle and back for a break and start in on the next round of farmer carry and the following exercise:

Kettlebell swings, OYO

Tri-cep Extensions in cadence

Around the world, OYO

Halos, OYO

Snatch, in cadence

Next round of Mosey to the circle and back for the third round which included:

Curls on the up

Another round of snatch

Single Arm Swings OYO

Squats on the down

Shoulder presses, in cadence

Mosey out and back one more time and then start in on:


Mary with a kettlebell is a little different as you are generally holding the bell during the workout.  Mary included:

WW2 sit-ups on the up

Freddie Mercuries in cadence

Dying cockroach in cadence

American Hammers in cadence

Merkins on the bell

And then a round of your favorite Mary.

Bell tolls 6:15 and time to finish.


Count-a-rama:  6 PAX


  • Blue Ridge Relay info session (infomercial?) 1/10/18 at Daugherty’s in Apex
  • 9/11 Stair Climb (Tuesday in 2018)


  • Yes we did have comments about doing an exercise called snatch
  • Good to see Sooey and Crimson back out in the gloom
  • We started out all bundled up but really got warm, we must have been doing something right
  • Come out if you want to experience a different kind of workout

It was an honor to lead you men this morning.



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