Tortoises, Virgin Q

Back to Back 03 Jan 2018

15 degrees could not keep 13 HIMS from donning their tights for another weight intensive Tortoise workout.

After much tutelage by Hermes YHC was prepared and eager to Q my first. With a limited knowledge of the Lexicon and the Exicon the morning ensued with a pledge of allegiance to the United States of America.

40 high knee walking pace
40 high knee with a twist walking pace
40 Imperial Walkers
10 Johnny Roscoes
50 Arm Circles coordinated with one foot circling out in front (left foot)
50 Arm Circles coordinated with one foot circling out in front (right foot)

Thang 1:

After pairing up we took a slight jog to retrieve our workout Buddies (cinder blocks) for the next few exercises.

5 Sets of:
5 Pull ups
10 Spiderman Merkins
14 Lunges with overhead cinder block press

After a short jog around the parking lot to give our arms a chance to recover we returned to our Cinder Block Buddies.

With our cinder blocks over our heads for as long as we could we lunged our way across the parking lot returning the cinder blocks to their rightful homes.

Thang 2

With our upper body properly taxed we commenced the Mary portion of the workout.
12 Crunchy Frogs
24 Swimming Supermans
12 Elbow to knee crossovers
24 Swimming Rocketmans
12 Hatching Butterflies
24 Face down Snow Angles
12 V ups
24 Wide Swimming Supermans
24 LBCs
24 Wide Swimming Rocketmans

Have a nice day

The Pax were gracious throughout the workout in their training of YHC.

GroupMe is transitioning to Slack.
Krispy Kreme donut race is around the corner
Blue Ridge Relay meeting…

Prayer Request
Spartan requests continued prayer for his M as she continues her recovery from surgery

Disco Duck’s friend/family member Chris was recently diagnosed with Cancer.

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