Flirtin' With Disaster

Khufu and Cholula

Jan 2, 2018
12 Inuit trekked the frozen 14°F Southern Tundra of FWD. No prostitutes. No beheadings, No FNGs

Aspartame, Banjo, Callahan, Chanticler, Hermès, Joe Smith, Kyrie, Oofta, Shut in, Smokey, Term Paper, Whirlie,

11 pax, yes 11, headed off to the office Park parking lot to warm up: SSH, Imperial Walker, mountain climber, Merkins. The pax welcome Callahan.

Mosey to top of hill at Cary Health and Rehab (35.7437117,-78.7652742). With firm frozen ground, pax embarked on their first pyramid. Run down to Tryon, 5 monkey humpers, run back to top, 5 Burpees (rounds 1-5), Repeat adding 5 star jumps for rounds 2-4, add 5 cc Merkins round 3.

Repeat pyramid with burpees, tuck Jumps, and diamond merkins.

Recovery run to the playground for AMRAP 10 each swing set merkin crunches, dips and pull-ups.

Mosey to playground entrance.

Mary led by Whirlie / WWII and Aspartame / Dying cockroaches. These men are ready to Q.


Prayer concerns: Kyrie heading to the real boot camp, Marine OCS; Whirlie’s friend Ryan and their child with cancer, those homeless fighting the cold weather.
Praises for Luke and a week free of chemo.
Announcements: F3Chatham CSAUP The Gambler March 3 and The Mule March 10. Check the calendar at K2C on Feb 3rd, pre-Murph at Pullen 0630. Next Werewolf at Brier Chapel on Jan 31.

YHC took us out.

Yesterday‘s lesson to my high school youth at church, we shared our 2018 New Year’s resolutions, and discussed how we can apply personal resolutions with a servants heart.

Still working on your resolutions?  Read this and find an accountability partner:

Guess what? Callahan was late.

Oofta on time and biked in. Stud

YHC QIC FAIL. No count off or name-a-rama. Suggested 12 burpee penalty for each pax that did not correct the error. YHC will complete 24. Thanks Shutty for the catch as you were driving away.

Lots of mumble chatter, mostly from Hermès and his introduction to the Eunichs.
Great to see Aspartame back in the gloom. Dying cockroaches ar not WWII.
Shawn de Clare crushed it this am.
Lots of head drops on the call for pyramid #2. Nice grade.
Tclaps for picking up the 6.
Good to be back at FWD. Excellent AO with so much to offer.

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