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2017 in Review


We absolutely blew up GroupMe on its last official day in action when YHC asked the PAX to share what, in each HIM’s opinion, was the biggest event of 2017. Hilarity ensued. PAX eschewed work and risked loss of employment to contribute. It was all worth it, guys…IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!


‘Twas the last workout of the year and all through Bond Park, 20 warriors went a-running through the cold and the dark.

Up and down hills, back and forth did they scatter, with each passing rep less and less waned the chatter.

It was sure a great year all the HIMs did agree, though Hi-Liter’s light made it hard for them to see.

Burbees and Merkins and Mary for dayz, CarPex knocks ‘em out when a shovel flag is raised.

Now into a new year as brothers we charge, just PLEASE at F3 Dads no more Homer to Marge.


16 HIM’s when we start, 17 when we leave the lot, 18 half way through the warm up and 20 half way thru the workout…let’s go?!?!?

The Warmup

– Pledge of Allegiance at the Flag
– Mixed Run to the West Pk Lot
– What time is it on Hermes’ watch EVERY time he looks? 6:05! In honor of that, let’s begin with a 605 rep warm-up…
– In honor of the 105 FNG’s we had in 2017, let’s begin with 105 SSH
– Victory (penalty/reward) Burbees for a late PAX…yes, 6:31 is late.
– In honor of the Great Solar Eclipse of 2017, let’s rock (x100) Flying Sun Gods
– In honor of the way we have each other’s back in prayer, we’ll do Back Plank/Table Pose for 180 counts
– Victory (penalty/reward) Burbees for a late PAX…yes, 6:31 is late.
– In honor of our new Presidential Leadership and on-going Nan’tan leadership, let’s do (x100) Mixed Merkins: Standard Merkins…oh…sorry, Joe Smith. Those are boring? Cool. Make ’em Diamond Merkins. Then, Wide Grip, Standard, and more Diamonds)
– In honor of the way we pick up the six, on your six totaling (x100) do, LBC’s, Am. Hammers, and Freddie Mercuries
– Still too much chatter…victory (penalty/reward) Burbees for a late PAX…yes, 6:31 is late

The Thangs

– Because N.Korea and “RocketMan” was such a story in 2017, do seven “Rocket” Sprints back and forth across the lot
– In honor of the Time Magazine Person of the Year, the #MeToo Protestor, partner up and carry flap jack carry your partner from the West Lot to the Community Center. On the way, stop at EACH light pole to perform 41 Mary exercises in honor of a CarPex PAX who rocked 41 posts in a row prior to the CarPex Crud Plague.
– Grab a heavy rock — walk with the rock over your head to the hill. In honor of the 14 miles we traversed in the Odyssey and the number of times YHC has heard MaBell rock his Python joke, do a set of 14’s with JackAss Merkins and Rock Rows.
– Halfway through the 14’s, time begins to expire…drop your rock…AYG to the flag for some Mary.


– Red Bull Smurf Jacks (via Hotwire)
– St. Merkins (via Ma Bell)
– Side Plank Star Crunches (via YHC)


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