Bradford's Ordinary, F3

12 MORE Days of Christmas

I naturally assume that most of the Pax are getting a little burned out on “12 days” themed work outs so what better way to celebrate the coming of the new year than with another one! Right?

No Meow Mile!?

Warm up:

  • 10x – GM’s IC
  • 10x – Windmills IC
  • 10x – IW IC

The Thang:

In the closest parking lot to the flag we have 4 stops with a small run between each

  • 1st stop – 12x Murcans SC
  • 2nd stop – 12x Plank Jacks SC
  • 3rd stop – 12x Squats SC
  • 4th stop – 12x Mountain Climbers SC

Repeato and subract 1 rep until there are none.

Run to the next parking lot were we have 2 stops (1 on each side of the lot) Pax can choose how to get across the lot but can not run across. Carioca, side stradles, backwards run, High Knee skips were in full effect.

  • 1st stop – 12x Carolina Dry Docks & 12x Frog Ups SC
  • 2nd stop – 12x LBC’s & 12x Box Cutters SC

Audible Time! Q Fail. Eyes bigger than stomach syndrome. We counted these down by even numbers only.

Run to the the fountain for another Audible! This time we did odd numbered reps.

  • 11x Dips SC
  • 11x Urcans SC
  • 11x Durcans SC
  • 11x Box Jumps or Step ups SC

Run to the Billy Run Line starting area.

  • “Ready. Set. BEAR CRAWL!!!”



New Years Convergence @ A-Team 7am!

K2C – still time to sign up!

Prayer Concerns – HiLiters’ Dad, Mississippis’ Sister There may be one other I’m forgetting.


YHC led us in prayer.


Don’t be scurred of the cold. It could always be colder. Plus there’s a guy who’s out there that signed up to Q. Let’s show them our support even in not so pleasant weather. #SYITG



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