Dante's Peak, Fitness

Q Swap

QIC: Boyardee, Yanni
BB Author: Yanni
If you roll up to any F3 AO, whether it be in your region, a neighboring region, or in another state, you can be assured that you will be greeted with the same open arms and fist bumps. The men of Dante’s Peak welcomed YHC and Boyardee with great enthusiasm and smiling faces. YHC and @mabellcarpex met a week earlier at The Earl in Pittsboro and like all F3 encounters, hit it off immediately and hatched a plan. Thus the secret Q swap was born and put into action.
YHC and Boyardee arrived at the AO 15 minutes early, scouted some locations, doubled checked that the tennis courts were open and put the finishing touches on the surprise beat down. The time was passing and the pleasantries turned to concerns that the Q was not going to make it and another man would have to step up and lead. Just as Yogi announced he’d take over of the Q, YHC and Boyardee informed the men that we have plans. This was going to get little weird for a minute so trust us. With confusion was written on their faces (the likes of which Ma Bell and @caslotta (Hi-Liter) were probably experiencing at The Wall at that very same minute) the plan was explained. The men were now ready to work. Let’s go…
Warm Up
SSH x50
IW x30
Arm Circles
Merkin ladder to 10
Mosey over to the open part of the parking lot
Using the parking spaces the PAX would bear crawl 2 spaces and crawl bear back 1 space, stopping and complete burpees (2,4,6,8,10) between sets
Merkin Wheel
Grab a parking space tire bumper
both hands on the bumper – erkins x5
rotate left leg, left hand on bumper – merkins x5
rotate left leg, right leg on bumper – derkins x5
rotate right leg, right hand on bumper – merkins x5
Mosey over to the tennis courts – partner up
1) Traveling burpee tag – P1 does traveling burpees towards over side, P2 sprints to the 5th court and then back to the first court then to his partner, switch, repeat all the way across the 5 courts
2) Lung jumps back across 5 courts
3) Crawl Bear Tag – same as TB tag but with crawl bear
Mosey to the Gazebo
Dips x50
Step ups- right leg left leg – x10 OYO
Mosey back to starting point – Circle up
Jack Webb back down from 10
  • LBC
  • Prom Nights
Yogi takes us out with a special exercise and message – 22 Pushup Challenge


  • Carpex convergence on 1/1
  • Raleigh convergence at Pullen Park 1/1
  • Full Metal Jacket 12/26 moved to 0700 – doing The Murphy
  • Prayers to Grease Monkey and family – his mother was diagnosed with cancer
Thanks for letting YHC and Boyardee lead you men today. That’s what F3 does; it brings men together. It takes the strange out of being a stranger and creates a community that is unmatched by any other group. We hold each other accountable, we tell each other the truth, we lift each other up and we leave no one behind. We quickly grow into better men on and off the field. Go out today and be the best man, husband, brother, father, son, uncle, crazy ex college roommate or whatever it is you are in your community. Until the next time we meet in the gloom, Aye!


  • YHC and Boyardee are pretty sure that Yogi was trying to mess up their cadence counting
  • Thanks to an early morning recon, Boyardee knew not to believe the Carpex men that the tennis courts were locked
  • T-Claps to Jolly Rancher – back out to F3 after a year and a half off battling cancer. Did a half Ironman October and is doing well!
  • Jolly Rancher is NOT Yogi’s father

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