F3, Shakin Not Stirred

MINI Death Star – SNS

Twas a gloomy morning with rain in sight. 50 degrees.  Cloudy

YHC had just finished the EC Insomnia run with Flip Flop and Shut-IN.  Flipper shared words of concern to the Q, as running insomnia sometimes causes loss of memory for the later workout.  Words from a HIM were accepted and we moved on.  Shouts of “1Min” occurred, although it did not seem to phase the hungry PAXs as the MC continued.  5:45 and we are off….

Warm Ups

Couple O Laps around the main parking lot.  Karaoke in honor of CnB.  Butt Kicks.  High Knees.

Mosey to the little parking lot for a more traditional warm up.  All in cadence, 15count.  SSH, Sir Fazio Arm Circles(Front and Back), Windmills, Merkins, Chillcutsssssss

Counted in 3’s and formed three lines for Prisoner Indian Runs to the baseball field.  Raleigh boys were a little scared, as they should be.


Staying in our groups, we met at the Diamond, or pitcher’s mound.  Apologies were had from the Q for only knowing golf related lingo.

Mini Death Star- 1st Base: Merkins, 2nd Base: Burpees, 3rd Base: Star Jumps, Home Plate: Hell Squats. 50 reps per PAX at each base, Bear Crawl to and fro until each group rounded the bases.

Upon completion, People’s Chair with a couple of 10 counts behind home plate.  Followed by ALL YOU GOTS to the fence and back.  2 or 3 rounds, I cannot recall

***RAIN Starts to fall***

PAX are instructed to mosey on back, but not until we get in some hill work.  One last stop at the Big Grassy Knoll.  The PAX meet at the bottom for two rounds of EVEREST(in honor of Pet Sounds), with a Crawl Bear back down.  About this time, the silly Vespers cruised on by, so we followed suit back to the parking lot for COT.




  • Proud to lead such a fine group of HIMs
  • Appreciate the love and support for my families loss of Granny Sharp
  • Way to give those Raleigh Boys some insight in to our tight knit group.  I have been over the wall a few times now and nothing compares to CARPEX.  We keep it weird
  • 50 Burpees was STUPID. I blame the insomnia run….You were right Flip Flop
  • Prisoner Runs are getting old, need to come up with another Signature Move

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