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NOT 12 Days of A-Team

Since we’re a week away from the Big Guy’s birthday, YHC thinks we must have a Christmas theme.  However, like the music on the radio or the Apex street decorations, sometimes we just get burned out because Christmas starts too early.  So we kept it light, didn’t overkill on the 12 days of Merkins, er Christmas.

A grand total of 9 PAX gathered on a rather GLOOMY and dank morning at A-Team.  The temperature was a near-perfect 39 degrees.  Shirt sleeve weather!  Just as we were beginning warmups, Beaker and Katniss emerge from a dark rucking adventure to bring our numbers up to a STRONG 11.


  • SSH (Nature Boy-style) x 12
  • Hill Billies x 12
  • Cotton Pickers x 12
  • Mountain Climbers x 12
  • Merkins x 12
  • Calf Stretches (Cause the Q has sore calves, thx to Sooey beat down at Dante’s last Friday)
  • Sir Fazio arm circly things x 12/reverse


  • Mosey to the bottom of the hill.  Since we’ve got 11 PAX, time to do 11s!  Squat jumps at the top, hand-release Merkins at the bottom.  Mumblechatter is minimal at this point.  But is a squat jump a squat jump if you never leave the ground?
  • Time enough to tour the park, we mosey over to the pic-A-nic tables for a set of L/R step ups, Dips, and Derkins, all X 12.  Saban reminds YHC it will take 5 minutes just to get back to the other side of the park.  Implying YHC may be getting carried away.
  • Mosey back toward the park entrance.  BUT…there’s still time!  Stop by the tennis courts for a quick set of Happy Jumping Spiders x 5.  Mumblechatter is now increasing.  Indian run back for…


  • PAX choice, we finish out with some Freddie Mercurys, LBCs, Dying Cock-A-roaches, and more MERKINS!  Mumblechatter about the merkin not being a Mary exercise, but YHC overruled.


  • Count-a-rama: 11
  • Name-a-rama: 1 respect, 10 mehs, 0 hates.  No FNGs
  • Prayers/Praises: Prayers for friends of Nature Boy who lost a child (Luke) recently.  Prayers for Smokey’s daughter who is hoping to pass her counseling exam.  Also, remember those who are still recovering from the Carpex Crud.
  • BOM: YHC took us out


Nature Boy was so excited about his recent birthday that he got his age wrong in Name-a-rama.  And not by 1 year, he missed it by an entire decade.

Hot-Spot was struggling this morning.  He forgot his headlamp, and while YHC was willing to lend his, it was determined that Smokey was in possession of a much lighter and more desirable modern day torch.  Clearly all headlamps are NOT made the same.


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