Ode to Ollie with 7×7 Light Pole Routine

Brisk morning for a workout but 9 HIMs and 1 2.0 made it out to take on my challenge.

Started with a mosey around the senior center to knock off some of the brisk temperature.

Circle up for some warm-up.  Started out warming up the shoulders in anticipation for the pain about to be administered.

Sir Fazio 15 count IC
Sir Fazio 15 count IC reverse
OH claps 15 count IC
Good mornings 15 count IC
Plank extensions until YHC got tired

Mosey to the first light pole to begin the Ode to Ollie light pole routine beat down.

The Thang
Here we go with the thang.
7 diamond merkin per pole for 7 poles. Had some mumble chatter at the start but when we started into the 7×7 burpees the chatter became less other than the pax pushing each other to get through routine and take their mind off the because burpee pain.  Last set was 7×7 merkins.

As you notice there was a pattern.  Total for each exercise was 49; hence, I’m 1 year older but stronger.

Took a 10 count by Gomer and Jigglypuff to catch our breath and prepare us for the next thang. We took a short mosey to the infamous Bond Park Hill for some some 11s. At the bottom of the hill do 1 star jump and then run/jog/mosey up the hill for 10 prisoner squats (repeating until we did 10 star jumps).

10 counts by Disco and Callahan to again catch our breath. Lined it up for an Indian run back to the parking lot.

Circled up at the parking lot to pay homage to our favorite lady Mary by 10 around the horn.

Disco: Dying cockroach
Gomer: low slow flutters
Napster: American hammers
Biner: Boat and canoe
Arrears: Rosalina
Smokey: Homer to Mars
Callahan: oblique crunches 19 per side
Ollie: Ménage a trois
Snots: Hello Dolly
Jigglypuff: boxcutters
YHC: LBC, plank extensions, hand-release burpees.

YHC ended with have a nice day.

Count-a-Rama and Name-a-Rama: 10 HIMs and 1 2.0

Prayers: Kim to do well on her exam; Callahan’s 2.0 to not get sick; Callahan’s M to recover quickly from the crud; and lastly, a stronger future for Caroline. (Jigglypuff, I hope I got your sister-in law’s name right)

Praises: 8 pack for Jigglypuff; 6 pack for Smokey.

Announcements: Crispy Kreme challenge

YHC took us out.

Thank you HIMs including Gomer for coming out and braving the chilly morning with me to start my new year right!


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