Field of Dreams

Trivia Tuesday

YHC made the journey to Thomas Brooks Park last week, the motivation being to make sure I remembered how to get there. Huzzah, as it turns out the pathway has been etched into my memory. Having signed up for the Q the following week (which would be this week, and more precisely, today), YHC wanted to make sure everything was still the same since the last time this particular journey had occurred. Again, we’re straight.

A balmy 40 degrees with a slight breeze greeted 12 PAX, including one Bunkey who most thought we’d never see again. He was a welcomed sight, and we got a kick out of him explaining that the soreness from last Tuesday had finally subsided yesterday. This means one thing, and one thing only…Beaker is a bad, bad man. Also…okay it means two things…it means that perfect-form burpees will make you sore like an oral herpie.

Too far? Yeah, maybe a little too far.

With a timekeeper established (because YHC believes in others’ watches, not his own), 12 PAX galloped into the gloom, giddy with anticipation of what was to come.


Jog to the top lot. (Catch breath) Good Mornings, Windmills, Merkins. Count off ones and twos.


In your groups, I’m gunna ask a trivia question and whoever gets the answer correct “wins”. But really, everyone loses.

Question 1: Currently, how many states has F3 breached with established AOs?

Team 2 answered 17. They were assessed 7 penalty burpess for being 7 off.
Team 1 answered 11 (I think). They were assessed 13 burpees for being 13 off.

Answer 1: 24 states. That’s half the nation, fam. This cult is dope.

After assessing and completing the penalty burpees, we made our way down to the sideline of the soccer field where YHC levied the rest of the punishment for team 1, which was a lap around the field, stopping at each corner to perform six star jumps, for a total of 24. Full circle. Bang. Team 2 did 24 star jumps, then held People’s chair on the fence until team 1 got back. It took too long, so YHC called a sprint to the other sideline and back for team 2 to get that heart rate up just a touch.

Question 2: Not including traveling or EC workouts, how many official AOs does Carpex currently have?

Team 1 answered 17.
Team 2 answered 18.

Answer 2: 17 AOs, not including Rolling Stone, Insomnia, F3 Dads, or Werewolf.

The penalty was assessed and team 2 raced into the gloom, doing 6 CDDs at each corner. Team 1 stayed behind, did the CDDs, People’s chair, and a quick sprint to the opposite sideline and back.

Upon their return, Team 2 was angry. YHC could see it in their eyes. They felt they had been wronged. And they were ready to throw hands. What’s the deal, YHC asked? There are 18 AOs, Q! You didn’t count Hell’s Bells, did you?!?

No. I didn’t. It isn’t yet an official AO. Sooooooo

Related: the Q is always right. Quit crying. If you would like to lodge a formal  complaint, you can do so here.

Question 3: In football, what was Purdue’s record at the end of the season?

Team 1 answered 6-6. Aye!
Team 2 answered 7-5. If only…

Answer 3: Alas, 6-6

For their unabashed optimism, YHC levied team 2’s punishment: a lap around the field, stopping at the corners for 6 Squats. Team 1 stayed behind, did the Squats, People’s chair, and a quick sprint to the opposite sideline and back.

Question 4: With their 6-6 record, what bowl game was Purdue invited to?

Team 1 answered The Diamond Almond Avocado Bowl in California somewhere.
Team 2 answered “look, I’ll be real honest, I didn’t know Purdue played D1 football”

YHC understood that team 1’s answer was a complete farce, and while both teams were technically wrong, YHC didn’t appreciate team 2’s answer. Get your ass a runnin’! This time, stop at each corner for 5 Hand Release Merkins. Like before, team 1 sticks behind for HRMs, people’s chair, and a quick sprint.

Answer 4: The Foster Farms Bowl in Santa Clara, CA. Aye!!

After a quick jog down to the lower field…

Question 5: What are the F3 names, AND, the hospital names of the men who founded F3?

Team 1 answered Dredd & OBT, who are know to others as Dave Reddington(?) and Tim Whitmire.
Team 2 answered Dredd & OBT, who are know to others as Dave Redding and Tim Whitmire.

Answer 5: Dredd & OBT, who are know to others as David Redding and Tim Whitmire.

Ma Bell was so excited about new “Paddington” movie coming out that he flubbed Dredd’s hospital name. He didn’t see the issue with adding “ton” to the end of Dredd’s name. So, Ma Bellton, I’ve got a new nickname for you that I’m sure will stick with you for the rest of your life! (or at least until the end of this backblast let’s be real)

The punishment was a full field run, stopping at midfield, the endline, midfield, and the near end line again while doing 5 (somethings) at each stop. Team 2 stayed behind and performed 20 (somethings) and then BTTW until team 1 returned.

Question 6: In NCAA men’s basketball, what is Purdue’s current record? 

Team 1 answered 9-1.
Team 2 answered 7-2.

Answer 6: Purdue currently boasts a 10-2 record, beating the likes of Arizona, Louisville, Marquette, Maryland, Northwestern, an undefeated Valpo team who is sneaky good, etc.

Team 1 was off by 2 (one win, one loss), team 2 was off by 3 (3 wins), so we all ran the field, team 1 did 2 burpees at each stop, team 2 did 3 burpees at each stop. Once everyone was back, jog over to the shelter.

Question 7: What is the date of the very first F3 post?

1/1/11 was the answer given by both teams.

Answer 7: 1/1/11

Huzzah! Let’s all celebrate with 11 pull-ups on the beam OYO!


Partner up for Lazy Dora. 100 Merkins (plank), 200 Squats (squat hold), 300 LBCs (6-in leg hold). When everyone is finished, BTTW with a 10 count down the line.


Jog over to the basketball court for Freddy Mercurys, Heels to heaven, Side oblique crunches, and American Hammers.


Count-o-rama: 12 Hall of Famers
Name-o-rama: Still 12 – 4 RESPECTS, 1 hate, 7 meh
Announcements: Christmas party Thursday at Bond Brothers. Gon’ be lit.
Praises/Prayers: Yoga Mat celebrating 25 years of blissful marriage!


-YHC was very tired this morning after having only gotten to bed 4.5 hours before the alarm went off.
-4.5 hours of sleep is…not much sleep.
-Largemouth is probably getting less sleep than that. What with a new baby and all.
-Also, for the record, when asked what the sex of the baby would be, YHC guessed boy. So basically I’m a prophet now. You can refer to me as Callaswamy from this point on. Thanks.
-I was up so late because I was writing about the most terrifying day of my life.
-I’m working on content for the blog I’m fixin’ to build.
-I wrote nearly 3,000 words and I’m not even halfway done.
-I’ma need to release the beast in waves, I believe.
(non sequitur in 3…2…1…)
-The bushes were quite colorful this morning. Ma Bellton explained they were being used as a drying rack for the EC’ers overshirts. That’s…well, that’s gross.
-I actually planned (part of) this beatdown. How about that?
-This is getting long and you got crap to do.
-Very literally, you may actually be taking a crap at this very moment (hence, you have crap to do).
-That’s fine. I’m not offended by that at all.
-But, if you are taking a crap,  please know that I’m probably thinking about someone reading these words at 5:32 this afternoon while taking a crap.
-If it is, I’m thinking of you.

-There’s levels to this.
-I should go.


See you in the gloom,


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