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Fight Club


Shout out to the nine HIM who joined YHC this morning at Dawn Patrol. What a great site…what a great group! BIG THANKS to @F3Raleigh for welcoming YHC to Q.


Temps felt warmer than forecasted – a welcomed surprise. 3 for an EC run return in the nick of time. 1 late PAX slides by with no penalty burbees…come on, I’m their guest. Next time, though…

The Warmup

– Mixed run around the parking lot (x2) – BR, Karioke, Paint the Lines
– SSH (x34); St. Merkins (x34) — then the PAX realized there was a theme…the theme was YHC’s 34th day of posting in a row — Good Mornings (x15); Annies (x34); LBC’s (x34); Flying Sun God’s (x20)
– Run to the nearby gloomy double basketball courts

The Thang

– Ten Rounds with Mike Tyson — total 40 reps of each of the following at the start, middle, far end, middle of the double court: Flying Jumping Spiders; Star Jumps; Freddie Merks; JackAss Merkins; Sumo Squats; LBC; Crab Cakes; Lunge Jump; Dying Cockroach; Diamond Merkin. Pick up the 6.
– Run to the even gloomier baseball field
– Extra Innings — Partner up for BTTW/Peoples’ Chair while your partner runs the bases.
– Run to the flag area (no flag planted today) for Mary


– Side Plank Star Crunches; Sweat Angels; LBC’s


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