F3, Field of Dreams

Perfect Form Burpee-cides

Apparently, all it takes to log some big numbers at an AO is to throw a gauntlet down on GroupMe…or the Twitters.  But since I don’t tweet, or twit, someone must have helped spread the word.  As I mentioned yesterday, one digital F3 communication format already overwhelms me.  So, thanks ABB Kitty, Hi-Liter, Callahan, WKRP, and CI/6-pack/BurtLite/ChatEnforcer/Burt.  That gentle buzz in my pocket that lets me know every three minutes that my job sucks relative to y’alls’ has become a welcome part of my day.  All.  Day.  Long.  Regardless, the taunt succeeded in bringing 21 PAX out to FOD for a grinding good time.

The Warm-Up

Jog around the lot with some butt-kickers and high knees.  Circle up in the middle of the road for Good mornings and Windmills.  Jog on up to the BIG parking lot mixing in a deconstructed perfect form burpee along the way:

5 deep squats, 5 frog-to-planks, 5 merkins, 5 plank-to-frogs, 5 squat jumps.  Followed by 5 perfect form burpees at the parking lot.  Which brings us to…

The Thang

Time to practice that perfect form during some burpee-cides. Jog to the first island, one burpee.  Jog back and drop for a double-merkin burpee.  Jog to the next island and hammer out a triple merkin burpee.  Repeato until reaching the last island, then circle back for SLOW Freddy Mercurys (each leg takes a two-count).

Everyone up and jog back to the basketball courts where YHC had carefully laid out 10 coupons assuming a PAX of about 12 for the day…21 was a logistical challenge.  One (or 4) PAX ran some perfect form swiss merkin burpee-cides at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full court.  Everyone else made good use of the coupons, shifting down the line as each perfect form swiss merkin burpee-cider finished up.  I don’t care what Franklin says, it worked.

Plenty of time left to split into two groups for pull-up/burpee-cides between the playground and the first lamp-post.  1 pull up at the bottom, 1 burpee at the top, 2 pull-ups at the bottom, 2 burpees at the top.  If you didn’t cheat on the course, you made it to 3×3.  If you did more, you know what you did…

The Mary

Mary was another round of SLOW Freddy Mercurys, 6-inch leg hold, and then Hello Dolly, with no recovery.  Mosey back to the cars for COT


No count-o-rama because YHC ran long (or the PAX ran slow?)

Name-o-rama.  Welcome FNG Bunky’s (as in the car wash)

Announcements: Christmas party, toys

Prayers: Praise for the 2.0s, prayers for Swag’s, Hi-Liter’s, and Grease’s parents (FIL, Father, Mother).  Prayers for Katniss…but remotely, don’t bring him a casserole.

It is always a pleasure to lead you men.  Thanks for bringing your best today.  How many burpees do you think you could do in 45 minutes?  Just curious.

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